Functional AND Gorgeous? Spruce Up Your Life with the BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer!

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Let’s face it… the days of the simple single purpose appliance is O.V.E.R. Today’s discerning consumers value purposeful multitaskers – which more than accurately describes Samsung’s BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer (TMF) Refrigerators. The BESPOKE TMF refrigerator combines elegant design with a full range of BESPOKE colours and texture options and comes equipped with the latest in freshness technologies and energy efficiency – letting users enjoy the next level of kitchen experiences by storing food at peak freshness, all while saving energy and keeping the living space looking beautiful.


A Chilled Perfection


There are as many ways of defining perfection as there are to keeping your favourite foods fresh. With a dedicated Optimal Fresh+ compartment and four unique temperature modes, the Bespoke TMF refrigerator lets users store foods of all kinds at optimum conditions. This means fresh fruits and vegetables daily when you want it, extended meat and fish storage that doesn’t require a whole day’s worth of defrosting in the fridge and even a mode solely dedicated to chilling perishables rapidly to lock in nutrients, colour and texture. What’s more, the Bespoke TMF refrigerator is also designed to provide users with more freedom in how much food they can keep fresh at once, all while retaining the sleek, streamlined look of its design. The elegantly simple modern flat door design conceals a whopping 20 litres more storage capacity than previous models.




Eco-chic is the new Cool 


In a revolutionary step-up from what consumers are used to in refrigeration technology,  the Bespoke TMF also offers cool performance at no expense to the environment. The Bespoke Refrigerator AI Energy Mode uses AI to keep track of usage patterns and power consumption; the AI Energy Mode then analyzes the data to provide useful insights through the SmartThings app so that you can select fridge modes according to your needs, reduce energy consumption and even save a few bucks from your monthly power bill! Of course, we are not going to tell you how cool all of these features all – you’re just going to have to discover and decide for yourself.


The Retail Recommended Pricing of the BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator with gross capacity ranges from 404L to 476L are:

Product Name

Model Code RRP (RM)

BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator

476L, RT47CB66448A


476L, RT47CB66448C

476L, RT47CB66448J

476L, RT47CB664422

427L, RT42CB66443P


427L, RT42CB664412

427L, RT42CB66443V

427L, RT42CB6644C3

404L, RT38CB66448A


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