‘It’s Easy!’ Samsung Electronics Releases ‘Everyday SmartThings With Son’ Campaign Video, Featuring Son Heung-Min

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Introduces innovative ideas to use SmartThings more easily and usefully

Samsung Electronics unveiled a campaign video titled “Everyday SmartThings with Son,” starring globally renowned football player Son Heung-min. The video underscores the collaboration between Son Heung-min and Samsung and features scenes of Son utilizing the personalized multi-device experience that the SmartThings lifestyle has to offer.


A Galaxy brand ambassador since the Unpacked event in July 2023, Son has partnered with Samsung on the new SmartThings campaign. With a focus on Son’s perspective, the campaign focuses particularly on entertainment, health and saving energy, all of which are areas of high interest among customers globally. The video, which showcases Son living an upgraded daily lifestyle in a series of interviews throughout, will be released through Samsung’s global social channels. All the devices in the video are seamlessly connected within the SmartThings ecosystem. The devices included are not only conventional home appliances such as TVs, air conditioners and refrigerators, but also an array of other devices like speakers and lights.



An Energy-Saving Routine, Thanks to SmartThings Energy and SmartThings Routines

Energy conservation is front and center in the video, as it is showcased through the use of key features of the SmartThings app, such as the SmartThings Energy and SmartThings Routines.


SmartThings Energy allows real-time monitoring of energy consumption from various devices like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and TVs. It activates AI Energy Mode[1] before usage reaches higher pricing tiers, which effectively reduces electricity expenses.


With the SmartThings Routines feature, users automatically control household appliances based on specified times and conditions. Son demonstrates this in the campaign video with the “Going Out Routine,” which automatically turns appliances off when he leaves his house. Thanks to this function, Son can pay more attention to other things to do before going out while also reducing unnecessary energy consumption, which leads to a more efficient daily routine.



Monitoring Health With the Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch can provide users with real-time workout data, such as heart rate, calories burned and exercise duration. With SmartThings, Son is able to get the best use out of this feature by simultaneously doing core exercises and watching a football match on TV. While watching the match, he can see the data from his workout on his TV screen.[2] This innovative integration enables individuals to exercise effectively while watching TV.


Commenting on his participation in the campaign, Son said, “The system operates automatically, which makes the experience very simple. Through SmartThings, I’ve found myself enjoying my time at home more while saving energy. It’s easy!”


“Everyday SmartThings with Son” can be found at Samsung’s official Youtube and Instagram channels.



To learn more about Samsung Smart TVs, please visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/tvs/smart-tv/highlights/ 




[1] Available only for models that support AI Energy Mode. Prior to use, SmartThings Energy Service in the SmartThings app needs to be installed.
[2] Available from 2024; availability and the timing of support may vary by country and region.

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