Keeping Your Home Clean, Healthy, and Pollution-Free

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Tackle home cleanliness and hygiene through these ways to ensure a healthy life for you and your family

Many have the misconception that pollutants can only be found along the dingiest of street and grimiest of canals, but that is as far away from the truth than you can imagine. Unclean air and dust can enter the home through open windows and doors, and germs, viruses and bacteria can be brought into your living space by you and your household members after an entire day spent outside.


Air pollution is largely an invisible affair, so how do you fight something you cannot see? Here are some ways you can do to keep your living space clean and pollution-free.



What you bring in: Minimise bringing in pollution into your home

From the moment we step out of our homes in the morning till when we trudge back home, there are many instances for when fine particles of dust, bacteria and germs can get latched onto the fibres of our clothes. So whether it is for hygiene purposes or to just be more comfortable in your home surroundings, make it a habit to wash your hands and change out of your clothes as soon as you reach home, before plopping onto the couch or bed to relax.



What you walk on: Keeping floors squeaky clean

Dust, pet dander, and other allergens can accumulate quickly on your floor. Daily vacuuming is thus your first line of defence in preventing dust build-ups. For rooms with carpets, it will require a heavier and more comprehensive vacuuming at least twice a week, as the fibres of the carpet can trap dust, dirt, allergens, and  also absorb grime and spills, giving way to bacteria.


To make vacuuming less of a headache, invest in a cordless vacuum to free you up from having to search for an available socket in each room. The Samsung Jet™ is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that makes vacuuming almost an effortless task, thanks to its Digital Inverter Motor that consistently maintains a high level of energy efficiency while sustaining an industry-leading suction power of up to 200W[1]. Besides, Samsung’s five-layer HEPA Filtration system[2] is designed to capture up to 99.999%[3] of micro dust particles, including 0.3~10μm sized particles and allergens to protect the health of its users[4].



Home owners can attest to the struggles they have when using a conventional vacuum cleaner, be it having to forcefully drag it along by its wheels to reach those hard to reach corners of the room, or lifting the equipment up a flight of stairs at times. Furthermore, it can double up as a mop simply by clicking on its Spinning Sweeper attachment with dual pads for effective cleaning with minimal effort.



The Samsung Jet™ was designed to turn this bothersome household chore into a more convenient and efficient activity. Its handheld model weighs only 1.61kg that puts lesser strain on your wrist! Now, you can ensure that your floors remain dust and dirt free, and spick and span all day.



What you breathe in: Maintaining good air quality within your home

With many of us spending more time indoors these days, maintaining good indoor air quality has never been more important.


Indoor gardening is a great activity to pick up – it helps to manage stress but also improves indoor air quality. Plants like Peace Lilies can improve indoor air quality, while the giant leaves of Rubber trees can turn more carbon dioxide into oxygen, reducing tension and making the home a cooler, calmer place to be in.


However, if gardening is not your specialty, a foolproof and quick way to purify the air would be to consider an air purifier.



Samsung Air Purifiers can capture up to 99.97%[5] of ultrafine dust and even bacteria to help combat seasonal allergens and make old air, new again[6]. The air purifiers has three distinct filters to offer a multi layered purification system that is designed to capture airborne particles, harmful gases and inhibits the spread of captured bacteria. Even when you are outside, you can control the indoor air quality remotely with Samsung’s SmartThings app so that you have fresh indoor air when you return home.


As we find ourselves spending more time indoors, with health and hygiene taking a higher priority during this period, it pays to put more attention in ensuring that our living space is kept clean as much as possible. Take proactive steps to reduce the risk of transmission and contamination through steaming the clothes you wear, vacuuming the surfaces you walk on and cleaning the air you breathe, for a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.


Samsung Jet 90 premium (up to 200W) is available at RRP RM3, 599, while Samsung Smart Air Purifier (60 m2) is available at RRP RM1, 599.


[1] Based on internal testing of the suction power at the inlet of the non-motorized tool, using Max mode, in accordance with the IEC62885-2 Cl. 5.8 standard.
[2] HEPA filtration System: High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system.
[3] Based on internal testing, using Max mode, in accordance with the IEC62885-2 Cl. 5.11 standard.
[4] 0.3~10μm size is the particle size that is generally invisible to human eyes, such as pollen and mould.
[5] The filter media has over 99.97% dust collection efficiency, based on a particle size of 0.26 ㎛, as specified by 42 CFR part 84. Tested in the National Test Institute of Korea. Tested on AX40M3040WMD for xylene, benzene, ethylbenzene, styrene & formaldehyde gases in KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories). Tested on the AX40J5009UW/SC for TVOC gases in the National Test Institute of China. Antibacterial function tested on the filter media of the dust collecting filter in the National Test Institute of Korea.
[6] Samsung’s definition of ‘New Air’ is air passed through a HEPA standard filter.

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