Live Smart with Samsung’s Home Appliances

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Samsung gives a peak into a convenient lifestyle, offering living essentials for a smarter home

Live Smart with Samsung’s Home Appliances


Kuala Lumpur, 20 October 2016 – It is 4 hours to your family gathering dinner and you still have a ton of things to do. You confidently think to yourself, plenty of time. With Samsung’s Smart innovations, you are in good hands. You pop the chicken in the oven, switch the conversion mode in your refrigerator to make more space for your caramel pudding and potato salad, turn on the robot vacuum cleaner, start the washing machine, and you are off to get those last minute groceries without breaking a sweat. Until you step outside that is.


By the time you realize the scorching heat and the hazy air, you’ve almost reached the grocer. No problem – you know your air-conditioner and air purifier will do the job just in time for your guests’ arrival, even if you switch them on when you get home. After a round in the grocer, you head back home; pleased that the floor is clean, the laundry is washed, and the chicken is grilled to perfection.


Live Smart with Samsung’s Home Appliances


Whether you are throwing a party or simply too busy to multitask between work, kids and house chores, home appliances with smart features are a great help for any modern family. Best of all, there is no need to compromise quality time by worrying about chores because home appliances are able to function on their own without supervision.


Take Samsung’s POWERbot vacuum cleaner for instance. This robot cleaner is smart in detecting any obstacle in its path with minimal blind spots, thanks to its Height Performance FullView Sensor™ and Visionary Mapping™ Plus System. You can be in charge of your cleaning by just directing the vacuum with a simple click of a remote control. To top it all, the POWERbot will proactively return to home base for a recharge when cleaning is complete or when the battery is low.


Live Smart with Samsung’s Home Appliances


For bedroom and living spaces, Samsung’s Triangle Air-Conditioner controls the temperature within the room intelligently to maintain the ideal temperature. It is also equipped with a Digital Inverter technology and multiple modes for you to choose from to help save energy up to 68%. Samsung’s Air Purifier on the other hand has a built-in Smart Sensor that helps to monitor real-time air quality and assist to optimize it when required to ensure clean air is circulated throughout the house. Its exclusive Virus Doctor Technology additionally neutralises harmful contaminants in the air including dust, allergens, virus and bacteria that resist physical filtration by turning these contaminants into harmless water vapour.


Laundry time is also made easier with Samsung’s AddWash Front Load Washer. First of its kind to allow users to add forgotten laundry during a wash, its Super Speed feature speeds laundry washing to under an hour and a Digital Inverter Motor delivers superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and long-lasting performance. The wash cycle of the 12kg capacity variant can additionally be monitored via smartphone through the Smart Control feature.


Live Smart with Samsung’s Home Appliances


Much like there are home appliances to help you clean the house, there are kitchen appliances to help you cook and store food. Samsung’s Hotblast™ Smart Oven is a brand new way of cooking that reduces cooking time significantly while retaining the moist insides and crispy outsides of the meat. It even has a Fermentation Function which utilises advanced fermentation technology without the need for an additional appliance. Now you can enjoy homemade dough or yogurt anytime of the day!


For bigger families, Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus™ technology is ideal as it is designed to be spacious with movable compartments, featuring five on-demand conversion modes to provide the ultimate flexible storage. It intelligently maintains a constant optimum humidity and temperature to keep raw meats, vegetables, and dairy fresh. It also supports energy saving through its Digital Inverter Technology that automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demands across 7 levels.


Modern homes powered by intelligent appliances make life more comfortable, and they are typically designed to be power-efficient, which could save money in the long run. The concept of a connected smart home is already becoming a reality for many homes in Malaysia and with the help of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, the Smart Home future is not too far away.

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