Make the Most of Your HUAT-derful Chinese New Year with Powerful Audio from Samsung’s Soundbar and Sound Tower Devices

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Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a brand new year in the lunar calendar much like to own brand new clothes, car, or even devices- a new year is a time for newness after all! It’s also the time for a reunion with your family and friends and when it comes to planning the perfect gathering, curating the perfect tong tong chiang playlist is a must — but so is ensuring that your audio devices are able to set the tone all night long for that perfect celebratory mood for the auspicious new year.


In order to help you make your celebration unforgettable, Samsung Electronics has put together some ideas of ways you can ensure your party is the best in town with Samsung’s sound technologies.



Ultra Slim Soundbar: Rock Out in Style


For those who prioritize style and great audio quality, Samsung’s Ultra Slim Soundbar (S801B) is the perfect choice for your home decorations and celebrations. As its name suggests, the Ultra Slim Soundbar features an incredibly slim design of just 38mm in height and 40mm in thickness — a size equivalent to that of a soda can — meaning that its wall-mounted design is sure to stand out. You can also install it freely around your space thanks to its wireless connectivity to ensure your sound system blends seamlessly into your surroundings.



If you’re looking to personalize your space further, you can boost your Soundbar with the Ultra Slim Soundbar Skin (SCFBS8[BW/TK]), which comes in warm brown and teak colours. Paired with your The Frame and its elegant, modern design, you are set to enjoy top-level audio experiences and a cozy, homey feel for any guests visiting you during this festive.



Despite its slim appearance, the Ultra Slim Soundbar is capable of powerful sound. Designed with 3.1.2-channel technology that features seven front speakers and one subwoofer centred on the top two speakers, the Ultra Slim Soundbar provides complete and truly surround-sound experiences. Dolby Atmos support also further contributes to providing you with captivating entertainment experiences.



S-Series Soundbar: Envelop Your Space With Truly Immersive Sound


For those who love to set the scene with truly immersive sound experiences during a celebration or party, the S-Series Soundbar is the soundbar for you.


The S-Series Soundbar delivers rich, room-filling surround sounds that reach every person in the room. This compact, 67cm, all-in-one 5.0-channel soundbar has an impressive four built-in woofers and three tweeter speakers, providing you with a fully immersive, 3D sound experience — all without the need for a subwoofer.



In addition, Adaptive Sound technology is able to analyze the source of any sound in order to automatically deliver optimized audio based on its specific genre. Experience the best, most immersive audio for each and every type of content you’re enjoying, whether it’s a sports game, a classical performance or an action movies.


Your S-Series Soundbar can be easily connected to your Samsung Smart TV and is the first soundbar in the industry to support Dolby Atmos connection for room-filling, optimized 3D sound.



Q-Series Soundbar: Bring the Cinema Experience Into Your Home


If you’re looking to celebrate this Chinese New Year by binge watching movies or TV shows, you can transform your home into a cinema with the room-filling sound of Samsung’s premium soundbar, the Q-Series Soundbar (Q990B).


With an astounding 17 front surround sound speakers, one subwoofer and four up-firing speakers, the Q-Series Soundbar fills the room with truly cinematic surround sound. Synced with your Samsung Neo QLEDs, these 22-channel speakers can deliver truly immersive surround sound experiences like no other.



Samsung’s proprietary Q-Symphony technology allows compatible TVs and soundbars to play audio simultaneously, in sync, taking your listening experiences to the next level through powerful sound quality. Meanwhile, Spacefit Sound technology optimizes your audio based on the structure and layout of your room, providing you with sound that is perfectly crafted for your space and rivals a VIP seat in a movie theater.


In addition, the Q-Series Soundbar has been recognized by renowned global media outlets for its immersive sound experiences and sleek design.



Sound Tower: Take the Party Spirit to the Next Level


If you’re planning to the brand new year with a bang and throw a party, the Sound Tower (MX-ST90B) is a must-have. This oval Sound Tower fills up virtually any space with 3D audio. The 24.5cm speaker with a built-in woofer provides the perfect punching bass experience, with up to 1700W bass boosting for a beat that sets the party mood perfectly.



In addition to its powerful audio capabilities, the Sound Tower’s various light modes provide an audio-visual harmony that truly matches the mood of the night. Its Bluetooth multi-connection, which allows for two smart devices to be connected simultaneously, and its Group Play functionality, which connects up to 10 Sound Towers, really help you get the party started both indoors as well as outdoors.


Be sure to celebrate this auspicious day with Samsung’s range of soundbar and Sound Tower devices. Once you’ve chosen your perfect soundbar based on your own preferences and purposes, enjoy enriching sound during any festivities and beyond.


Product Model Retail Recommended Price (RM)
Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q990B/XM 6,499
Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q930B/XM 4,999
Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q800B/XM 3,999
Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q700B/XM 3,399
Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q600B/XM 2,599
Sound Tower MX-ST50B MX-ST50B/XM 1,699
Sound Tower MX-T70 MX-T70/XM 1,999


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