Multitask Real Fast with Samsung Flow on the Galaxy Tab S8 Series

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In life, it’s always good to have a bigger perspective of things. When we see the big picture, we don’t sweat the small stuff and focus better on our goals. What if we applied the same way we view the window to our world on our digital screens? Size up your view with Samsung Flow!


Samsung Flow delivers a seamless, secure, and connected experience when you pair your smartphone with your Galaxy Tab S8 Series. You can easily move documents from one device to the other, get your phone’s notification on the tablet, and view the contents of your smartphone on a larger screen. Your eyes will thank you for that.


Besides not having to squint at your phone or using giant font, you can work so much more productively with two screens. Like when you capture photos and videos for work on your Galaxy S23 Ultra, then open them on the Galaxy Tab S8 to work on your project more comfortably, especially with the help of the S Pen, or when you hook it up to a keyboard for a PC-like experience.


When you’re really in the zone and your ideas are just flowing, it can also be a bother to tear your eyes away from the screen. Not to worry, you don’t have to ghost your loved ones, because you can still read and reply to your messages from your smartphone on the tablet itself.


How to pair your smartphone and Galaxy Tab S8 Series:


Step 1. Start Samsung Flow App on your smartphone and Galaxy Tab S8 Series.

Step 2. Choose your smartphone on the list.

Step 3. Confirm the passcode on both devices.

Step 4. Samsung Flow setup is complete.


Have more control over your workspace and multitask effectively with the Galaxy Tab S8 Series:

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