Redefine the Game: Samsung Introduces World’s First 49” 32:9 Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

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The World’s First 49” 32:9 Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor CHG90


Kuala Lumpur, 14 December 2017 – Gamers rejoice! Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to introduce the future of gaming with the unveiling of its new CHG90 ultra-wide gaming monitor, which features the powerful High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture enhancement technology typically reserved for televisions. When combined with the CHG90’s ultra-wide, curved design and new QLED “Quantum Dot” composition, this HDR integration produces a realistic, detailed picture that showcases games exactly as developers intended, and dramatically improves gameplay with crisper colours and sharper contrast.


“Malaysians have a deep passion for gaming and as such, they want to feel completely immersed in their favourite games. Samsung wants to help deliver the ultimate gaming experience, and now with our new gaming monitor providing the most stunning visual and realistic content; we are able to turn that feeling into a reality. The CHG90 ultra-wide gaming monitor is a gateway to the future of gaming for casual, enthusiastic and competitive gamers alike, and we look forward to build upon these game-changing technologies to further meet the needs of gamers, developers and partners in the coming years,” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumers Electronics, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.


The CHG90’s panoramic view makes it easy to lock in on the action when playing first-person shooter (FPS) 


A More Vivid and Detailed Gaming Environment


The QLED quantum dot technology delivers a new metal core and supports both approximately 125 percent of sRGB colour spectrum and 95 percent of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI-P3) motion picture standard to deliver an exceptionally wide colour range. This creates vivid looking characters and provides a realistic life-view on the games natural surroundings, adding a sense of thrill to gaming.


Samsung’s CHG90 sets the new visual standard for gaming displays by projecting a 32:9 aspect ratio and 3,840 x 1,080 double full HD (DFHD) resolutions across a 49-inch screen. The CHG90 extends the playing field for gamers, with its broad design surpassing industry standards while simultaneously representing the widest monitor in the company’s gaming portfolio. Now gamers can spot their enemies with ease and seize the opportunity by striking first!


The monitor delivers stunning 1,800R curvature and an ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angle, maintaining content visibility from any location within a given space. As a result, gamers no longer have to worry about the logistics, expenses and central bezel interference that occur when combining multiple smaller monitors together for an expanded view.


Ideal for first-person shooting, racing, flight simulation and action-heavy games, the CHG90 aligns an accelerated refresh rate (144Hz) and 1ms motion picture response time (MPRT) with advanced, four-channel scanning technology to deter motion blur and produce a more consistent picture across the entire screen, bringing out the best in gaming content. This allows for better responsiveness to games, making it run faster and smoother, adding the element of excitement for gamers.


Designed for Next Level Work and Play


The CHG90 arrives as the best Samsung gaming monitor to feature AMD’s Radeon FreeSync™ technology, bringing gaming to the next level. Radeon FreeSync™ supports a wide colour gamut to showcase HDR content with twice the perceivable brightness and colour than that offered by the sRGB standard. As a result, users can enjoy a smooth, low-latency plug-and-play HDR gaming experience without having to frequently readjust software or monitor settings.


The CHG90’s spacious design and powerful performance make it equally suitable for work and play. The intuitive Easy Setting Box screen-division software is especially useful for multitasking, allowing users to, with a simple click; divide their screen into multiple windows of varying sizes by utilizing customizable window configurations.


The monitor’s low-reflection coating adds comfort to extended gaming and browsing sessions by minimizing strain on users’ eyes.The monitor’s low-reflection coating adds comfort to extended gaming and browsing sessions by minimizing strain on users’ eyes.

The monitor’s low-reflection coating adds comfort to extended gaming and browsing sessions by minimizing strain on users’ eyes. The monitor’s low-reflection coating adds comfort to extended gaming and browsing sessions by minimizing strain on users’ eyes.


Those who use dual-monitor setups will often connect different devices to each screen to manage them side by side. The CHG90’s Picture-by-Picture (PBP) function supports the simultaneous connection of two external inputs, essentially allowing the monitor to serve as two separate screens for different devices, providing the ultimate multitasking flexibility and efficiency.


The new CHG90 ultra-wide gaming monitor will be available from 15th December onwards at a retail price of RM 6,499. For more information, please visit

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