Samsung Launches Versatile All-In-One Laundry System with Two Washers and One Dryer

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Samsung Launches Versatile All-In-One Laundry System with Two Washers and One Dryer

New FlexWash™ WR9000M combines two washers and one dryer in one remarkably flexible system


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduced its revolutionary FlexWashTM, a washerdryer combination model that tightly integrates two washers and a dryer into one high performance appliance. With a range of core Samsung laundry technologies and features, including the popular AddWash Door, FlexWash™ is designed to cut laundry time in half while providing a higher level of care for clothes to make them last longer.


Each of the two laundry compartments boasts unique features geared towards specific articles of clothing. The FlexWashTM front-loader can either be an AddWash washing machine or dryer, and is equipped with 21kg of capacity to handle main loads. After a wash cycle finishes, the washer can convert into a dryer, offering consumers the flexibility to start the dry cycle without moving clothes. The FlexWashTM top-loader is intended for washing small loads of delicate or dark items that require extra care, and features Samsung’s AirWash technology, which refreshes heat-sensitive clothing with air. Both loaders can be operated at the same time or separately.


FlexWash™’s comprehensive approach is expected to transform the marketplace as consumers discover a faster, more effective way to clean clothes. The ability to operate both top and bottom units separately and simultaneously addresses strong consumer demand to wash clothes faster while still keeping items separate. Recent research shows that 87% of US consumers sort their laundry into lights and darks, different fabric types, and degrees of dirtiness, while 70% run two or more back-to-back washes.


The all-in-one laundry solution also uses three core Samsung laundry technologies: EcoBubble™, Bubble Soak™, and Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT). EcoBubble™ uses air and water to dissolve detergent, creating powerful bubble action for cleaning that is 40 times more effective. Bubble SoakTM thoroughly soaks clothes in active bubbles after the normal wash cycle for an extra round of powerful cleaning, while VRT reduces noise and vibrations during high speed spins.


The units are also IoT-enabled and backed by Samsung Smart Home App, which allows users to take control of their machines anytime and anywhere with their smartphones, letting them start, stop, and monitor every cycle from the palm of their hand.

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