Samsung Malaysia Electronics Announces The New Smart Monitor M8, M7 & M5 Availability in Malaysia. Pre-Order Now From 28 March to 6 April 2022!

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As working from home becomes more common for working professionals, people are increasingly looking to arrange their workspace so that they can work productively, comfortably and efficiently. But despite our best efforts, sometimes our personal devices don’t offer the capability to review multiple files at once or switch easily between multiple windows as we might require.


Now with Samsung’s ‘Do-It-All’ Smart Monitor, you can now enjoy a ‘work-from-home’ experience that mirrors the one you have in your office, as you can easily work across web browsers, document files and messenger programs at once – all on one screen.


This 2022 Smart Monitor can allow you to simply make video calls or conference calls via Google Duo with the M8’s in-box FHD SlimFitCamera that connects wirelessly with magnets[1]. It can also deliver smart TV-like functionality, including offering access to streaming apps such as Netflix, Youtube and local OTT[2], in addition to being able to plug into a computer like normal monitors. Customers now do not need to connect the monitor to a TV or PC to watch the content they love.


If you want a glimpse at the future of smart assistants from your home monitor, look no further as our monitor comes with a built-in Bixby[3] and smart speaker that allows you to speak and give command such as ‘turn on the air conditioner’ or check ‘what’s the weather forecast today’. It is simply incredible!



Check out the Retail Recommended Price and Exclusive Pre-Order Promo for Smart Monitor M8, M7 and M5 below:

Model Description Recommended Retail Price (RRP) Pre-Order Promo
LS32BM801UEXXS 32″ Smart Monitor M8 RM3,488 1. Smart Keyboard Trio 500
Black [EJ-B3400UBEGWW] 

2. Bluetooth Mouse Slim
Black [EJ-M3400DBEGWW]

3. Samsung Bud Live

LS43BM702UEXXS 43″ Smart Monitor M7 RM3,288 1. Smart Keyboard Trio 500

Black [EJ-B3400UBEGWW]

2. Bluetooth Mouse Slim –
Black [EJ-M3400DBEGWW]

LS32BM701UEXXS 32″ Smart Monitor M7 (White) RM2,288 1. Smart Keyboard Trio 500
Black [EJ-B3400UBEGWW]2. Bluetooth Mouse Slim
Black [EJ-M3400DBEGWW]
LS32BM700UEXXS 32″ Smart Monitor M7 RM2,088 1. Smart Keyboard Trio 500
Black [EJ-B3400UBEGWW]2. Bluetooth Mouse Slim
Black [EJ-M3400DBEGWW]
LS32BM501EEXXS 32″ Smart Monitor M5 (White) RM1,888 1. Smart Keyboard Trio 500
Black [EJ-B3400UBEGWW]
LS32BM500EEXXS 32″ Smart Monitor M5 RM1,688 1. Smart Keyboard Trio 500
Black [EJ-B3400UBEGWW]
LS27BM501EEXXS 27″ Smart Monitor M5 (White) RM1,688 1. Smart Keyboard Trio 500
Black [EJ-B3400UBEGWW]
LS27BM500EEXXS 27″ Smart Monitor M5 RM1,538 1. Smart Keyboard Trio 500
Black [EJ-B3400UBEGWW]
*While stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply.


You can pre-order the top of the range Smart Monitor M8 at a Recommended Retail Price of RM3,488 and get yourself a complimentary accessories such as Smart Keyboard Trio 500, Bluetooth Mouse Slim and Samsung Bud Live worth RM947.


To customers who wants to pre-order Smart Monitor M7 will also get a complementary Smart Keyboard Trio 500 and Bluetooth Mouse Slim and Smart Monitor M5 new owner will get a complimentary Smart Keyboard Trio 500 all worth up to RM398 and RM179 savings respectively.


Want a monitor that brings out the best experiences while working or watching content at home? Take advantage of these exclusive deals from 28 March to 6 April 2022 and be one of the first to pre-order at Samsung Malaysia Online Store. To pre-order, do head on to


[1] M5 & M7 buyers can buy camera separately that connects by wire
[2] Note that this is a separate subscription not provided with the TV
[3] Available on M7 & M8 models only

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