[Samsung’s Digital Signage Innovations] ① How Digital Signage Impacts our Daily Lives

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Whether it be checking the movie time on a display in front of a cinema, catching up with the news headlines on a street billboard or deciding on a menu using a drive-through screen, the solutions provided by Samsung’s SMART Signage are intrinsic to consumers’ daily lives.


For the 10th consecutive year, Samsung Electronics has maintained its position as the number 1 global leader in digital signage since 2009. Samsung’s SMART Signage portfolio delivers tailored solutions to meet customers’ needs. Through a series of three articles, Samsung Newsroom will further explore the industry leadership, innovations and exciting future of Samsung’s SMART Signage.


To better understand the benefits offered by Samsung’s SMART Signage, we imagined what a day in the life of a busy marketing specialist (referred to as “A” below) would be like whilst on a business trip and the SMART Signage solutions she might encounter.


Check out the below to learn more and stay tuned to the Samsung Newsroom for the next installment of the SMART Signage series.
















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