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Samsung’s Galaxy A Series (2017) Now Available in Blue Mist and Peach Cloud

on 10-03-2017

Samsung’s Galaxy A Series (2017) Now Available in Blue Mist and Peach Cloud


Inspired by the colour of sweet peaches and the misty mornings that we dream of waking up to, Samsung Malaysia Electronics today reveals two new colour offering for its Galaxy A Series (2017), Peach Cloud and Blue Mist, boosting style and functionality with uniquely dreamy colours. Fashioned for modern day users and an ideal representation for couples, Peach Cloud is an inimitable hue that exudes chic flair while the distinctive Blue Mist radiates with classiness, bringing out a touch of finesse in an ordinary ensembles.


Samsung’s Galaxy A Series (2017) Now Available in Blue Mist and Peach Cloud


“In the past, we’ve consistently introduced exciting colours to jazz up and complement our existing range of colour palettes for our products. This time around with the Galaxy A Series (2017), we decided on a slightly different, more imaginative route and introduced lighter shades called Blue Mist and Peach Cloud, both colour versions that exude a different sense of style and charm that we’re confident will turn heads. This stunning pair is equipped with the same superb features as its other colourful siblings, including an IP68-rated dust and water resistance, 16MP front and rear camera with f1.9 lens for lowlight photos and Full HD Super AMOLED screen displays for vivid entertainment. The combination of great features packaged beautifully in dreamy colours makes the Blue Mist and Peach Cloud perfect for couples,” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.


Samsung’s Galaxy A Series (2017) Now Available in Blue Mist and Peach Cloud


For couples who love catching up on favourite TV series while on the go, the Galaxy A Series (2017) is right up their alley as the device boasts a vivid Full HD 5.7-inch (A7) and 5.2-inch (A5) Super AMOLED screen displays for non-stop entertainment. Not only is the large screen comfortable for viewing, the crisp HD display brings entertainment to life. So whether they are on the go or relaxing by the pool, they can be sure to catch up on their favourite programmes in great comfort.



Speaking of pool, the new Galaxy A Series (2017) proudly carries an IP68 dust and water resistance rating[1], making it a perfect companion for couples who can’t get enough of adventures. Equipped with capless ports that prevent dust and water entry, they can now bring their mobile companion for splashing escapade without worries! Whether it’s walking in the rain or attending that pool party, rest assured that this water resistant device will survive through it all!


From capturing romantic candlelit dinners to recording that summer vacation, many whip out their smartphones to capture the moments around them. With the Galaxy A Series (2017), couples can now snap away regardless if its day or night as the device is equipped with a f1.9 lens to ensure that enough light is captured to turn evening and night pictures into bright ones. The devices also boast 16MP front and rear cameras, guaranteeing beautiful pictures and sharper selfie shots.


[1] Dust and water resistance based on IP68 rating, which tests submersion up to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes. Dust and Water-Resistant (IP68 rating) means that the device is protected against entry of solid foreign objects and harmful ingress of water at up to 1.5 metres, for up to 30 minutes, under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test result; individual results may vary. Note: IP68 rating does not mean that the device is waterproof. Liquid damage is not covered under warranty.


Samsung’s Galaxy A Series (2017) Now Available in Blue Mist and Peach Cloud


For the millennials who often seek convenience in their everyday life, the simple and secure Samsung Pay feature in the Galaxy A Series (2017) will be a welcomed bonus because now, they can shop freely almost anywhere without even having to bring along their wallets! Simple as there is no need to dig out that bulky wallet; secure as its tokenization and biometric authorisation will ensure the safest transaction; and can be used almost anywhere thanks to its wider acceptance at both MST and NFC terminals!


With all these great features and more, the Galaxy A Series (2017) is the perfect his and hers device that promises to put a smile on both faces. To get yours and surprise your partner with one, head on to your nearest Samsung Brand Store. The Galaxy A7 (2017) and Galaxy A5 (2017) retail at RM1,899 and RM1,699 respectively.


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