Small Moments, Big Impact with Nadirah Zakariya

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More than a decade since graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Nadirah Zakariya has built an extensive portfolio that captures every facet of life and living imaginable, from the tranquility in still-life compositions to the power of self-portraits. Recently, the internationally renowned co-founder of imaging outfits, Layar Lucida and Exposure+ Photo, has turned her artistic attention to the intricacies and beauty in the smallest of everyday moments that often go unnoticed with her weapon of choice… the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.



Small is beautiful

Just like the Galaxy Z Flip4, size is everything when it comes to appreciating the small, quiet moments, down to the littlest things that make life wonderful. “If you’re trying to capture sudden bursts of inspiration that comes by your way, or the immediate change of light during the golden hour and how beautifully it hits your subject, the ability to react spontaneously is vital,” says Nadirah.


“Inspiration can be found anywhere and I always need to be prepared to capture what catches my eye. With the Galaxy Z Flip4’s cute, convenient and compact form factor, it is always close by my side and ready to be whipped out at a moment’s notice,” she explains. The pocketable and light form factor becomes a powerful tool for photographers like Nadirah, who are always trying to capture life’s precious moments without any disruption.




Flip once for endless possibilities

Nadirah also enjoys the ease of multitasking with the multi-screen function. Completing work becomes a breeze even when she’s on the go and has a lot to do at once. “I cannot stress enough how much I love the Flex mode.”


The unique design of the Galaxy Z Flip4 doesn’t just score it points for looks either. Its dynamic screen allows the phone to be set up without a selfie stick or a tripod in various angles and positions, giving users ample options to experiment with when it comes to photography.


“The flex mode is perfect for when I am shooting myself, especially when I am working on self-portraits, I do not need to bring around an extra stand,” says Nadirah. This is kind on users’ bags and backs as the additional weight is done away with. “Pair the FlexCam with the flexible screen and the Galaxy Z Flip4’s potential for imaging wonders is only restricted by the imagination,” she gushes. Nadirah adds that one of her favourite features is that she can flex the camera and use a self timer for self portraits and group photos.


Additionally, the quality of the photographs are also a major plus point – the colours are impeccable and unmatched by any other mobile phones she has tried. “On my last work trip to Japan, I didn’t even use my usual camera because I know I can achieve great images from this phone,” recalls Nadirah.


No matter what you do, whether it be content creation or photography, the Galaxy Z Flip4’s unmatched flexibility will achieve that perfect shots you dream of.


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