SmartThings Helps You Use Less and Live More with AI

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When we picture a Smart Home, we often get excited about the promise of easier chores and automated devices that helps us to save time, energy, and electricity consumption.


This World Environment Day, we explore ways and smart practices we can incorporate in our daily lives, using Samsung’s latest smart appliances[1] and devices that integrate connectivity and cutting-edge technologies like AI, to do our part for the environment.



Save Energy, Save Costs

▲ Using AI Energy Mode with the WindFree Conditioner

Take your energy savings to the next level with the SmartThings Energy[2], Artificial Intelligence (AI) Energy Mode[3]. AI Energy Mode uses AI to keep track of usage patterns and power consumption of your appliances, by providing an overview of daily, weekly, and monthly power consumption across Bespoke AI appliances, and analyzes the data to provide useful insights through the SmartThings app[4].


For large families that have daily loads of laundry to deal with, AI Energy Mode helps you and your loved ones save energy by optimizing Bespoke Washers’ cycles based on fabric type and load size.


Similarly for the Bespoke Top Mounted Freezer refrigerator, AI Energy Mode recommends users to switch to AI Energy Mode when an estimated monthly electricity bill goes over preset targets[5], thus reducing costs and energy use by up to 7%[6]. It also helps adjust Air Conditioners’ settings based on your usage patterns, room temperature, and humidity. This intelligent control extends beyond the kitchen. Samsung’s AI Energy Mode can also optimize the settings of your AX32 air purifier, learning your usage patterns, room temperature, and humidity to deliver optimal air quality while minimizing energy use.


Forgot to turn off your lights before leaving the house? Fret not about incurring unnecessary electricity costs. The power-off function on the SmartThings app lets you turn off your appliances, such as TVs, kitchen appliances, lights and even plugs[7] remotely whether you are in another room or outside your home.


▲ Set up your power-off routines in a few taps

With SmartThings Energy[8] on the SmartThings App, your devices can also be programmed to power down by scheduling. For instance, enable location-based routines and cue SmartThings to turn off your household appliances such as the air-conditioner when all your family members have left home.


Clean Home, Conscious Consumption

Doing laundry may seem like a chore, so efficient time management is always helpful. Connect your Samsung washer to SmartThings and receive timely notifications when the wash cycle is done or if any errors occur – so you can start saving water, laundry products, time, and energy today!

▲ Using AI Energy Mode with Samsung Washers


If you are doing laundry often, even more energy can be saved with Samsung’s AI washer line-up, which come with AI Energy mode[9]. The washer can sense the fabric type and load size to configure wash setting that utilize AI EcoBubble and cool water wash instead of warm. It will get the same clean result with reduced energy use by up to 70%[10].


▲ Step-by-step optimal cleaning with AI Wash


Another handy feature is AI Wash, which helps you wash clothes thoroughly[11] but gently with less waste and effort[12], and built-in sensors that do all the hard work for you, working to determine the optimum amount of water and detergent to use, as well as the optimal amount of water to rinse the load.


Eat Well, Eliminate Waste

While savoring food is often a highlight of our day, the preparation process can be tedious and sometimes result in unintentional food wastage.


Manage your food simply to make sure no ingredient goes to waste. Family Hub™ refrigerators allow users to view images of items in the door bins, manually manage a food list and set use-by dates, and get recipe recommendations based on the food list with Samsung Food on the Family Hub™ touchscreen.


Caring for our environment is possible while spending less time and energy on household chores. Be it optimizing your energy usage with the handy AI Energy Mode or saving time on laundry or cleaning chores, take these small and mighty steps to using less and living more today!


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[1] Product availability may vary subject to country and markets.
[2] SmartThings Energy currently works with around 40 Samsung home appliances that are SmartThings enabled. These include air conditioners, air purifiers, clothes dryers, cooktops, dishwashers, energy meters, hoods, microwave ovens, refrigerators, TVs (from June 2022), vacuum cleaners and washing machines.
[3] Currently supported by nine Samsung appliance categories, including refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers, dishwashers, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, hoods, and TVs. Selected models only.
[4] The SmartThings App is available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. Users are required to utilize a single log-in account between the devices.
[5] SmartThings will display a notification before activating the saving algorithm in both ‘Maximum Mode’ and ‘Custom Mode’.
[6] Available for specific models through a Wi-Fi update. Energy usage is reduced by optimizing the compressor speed and operation and adjusting the fridge temperature. Results are based on internal testing and may vary depending on the usage condition and patterns.
[7] Currently supported by four Samsung appliance categories including air conditioners, air purifiers, hoods, and TVs. Selected models only. Supported third-party devices are only selected plugs, lights, and switches.
[8] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.
[9] Can be applied when the selected washing temperature is 20~40°C.
[10] Based on internal testing on the WW11BB944AGB model in normal usage conditions. Results: Power consumption without AI Energy Mode = 0.539 KWh. Power consumption with AI Energy Mode = 0.145 KWh. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
[11] Based on AI-created algorithm. Actual results may vary depending on individual use.
[12] AI Wash holds detergent for up to 1 month’s washing, based on the average of 4 loads per week. May vary depending on the washing load and settings.

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