TGV launches the Onyx Cinema LED screen in Central i-City, Shah Alam!

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SHAH ALAM: Entertainment lovers of Shah Alam, Malaysia’s premier cinema has arrived in your area! Opening at Central i-City, the latest lifestyle destination to grace Selangor’s heartland, TGV is raising the bar for entertainment with the launch of its latest location.


Playing host to nine halls, Central i-City marks the establishment of a new standard in the cinema-going experience. Starting with the new Deluxe halls, TGV offers a vastly-improved baseline for the industry to aspire to. Not only is there comfortable new seating, TGV’s hallmarks of crystal-clear digital projection and immaculately-tuned surround sound are retained and improved upon, in line with TGV’s culture of excellence.



Patrons at TGV Central i-City will also be treated to the unparalleled clarity of the largest Samsung ONYX cinema LED screen in South East Asia – a truly generational leap forward in the realm of cinema technology. The 45.93 feet wide and 16.4 feet high Onyx Cinema LED screen is the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-compliant High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED theatre display, which can achieve peak brightness levels of 146fL (foot-lambert), enlivens content by showcasing greater detail and colour vibrancy in cutting-edge 4K.


With sound provided by the world-class implementation of HARMAN Professional’s JBL Sculpted Surround technology, no thumping explosion or ethereal musical arrangement will be missed.


After introducing the first child-friendly movie screening sessions in 2015, TGV is taking Family Friendly to the next level. Bring the kids along for an unforgettable day out in the brand new Family Friendly Hall – with an adjoining playroom and plenty of seating options for both kids & adults, this Family Friendly Hall is the new home of TGV’s pioneering child-friendly movie format.


Last but not least, TGV is opening its 7th IMAX® location in Malaysia! Patrons will have the opportunity to enjoy the world’s most immersive cinematic experience; It starts with a stunning floor-to-ceiling screen that offers 26% more visual real estate than any other big-screen format in the world, enhanced by ultra high-definition content that is extraordinarily gorgeous in terms of colour, vividness and visual impact.


Laser-aligned speaker placements in stunning surround sound bring movies to life better than ever, with the unique stadium-layout offering patrons a consistently wonderful viewing experience across the entire hall. With more and more movies being shot, filmed or converted specifically for IMAX®, this is the ultimate movie-going experience for film-lovers everywhere.



“This marks a new beginning in redefining what a cinema should be as an entertainment and social gathering destination,” remarked Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas. “The goal is to give patrons the experience of affordable luxury at a price point that is within their reach, without compromising our levels of excellence.”


“We firmly believe that patrons to our locations, starting with Central i-City, deserve the utmost best that we can offer them,” said Mohd Kabir Ariff Sultan, General Manager of Operations and Marketing. “This is where we come in – by treating them to a 5-star environment that gives them a taste of what we believe the bare minimum should be.”


TGV Central i-City also debuts a new design philosophy for an upscale, welcoming feel for TGV’s patrons, as well as TGV’s first-ever in-cinema retail zones. With this move, Malaysia’s premier cinema brand is looking to break the boundaries of the traditional cinema space and bring new meaning to the phrase ‘a day out at the movies.’


TGV Cinemas aims to deliver more than just movies. From sports to music, sing-along events and even live comedy shows, TGV has offered a wide variety of content for the whole family. The opening of Central i-City is just the first step in a revolution that TGV is spearheading to truly move the game forward in the entertainment industry.


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