Use These Pro Tips from Samsung and Pro Photographers to Win a Trip a South Korea!

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Always dreamed of visiting South Korea? Now’s your chance to win a photography trip to the Land of Morning Calm with Samsung’s Go The S-tra Mile contest. To give you a winning chance, Samsung collaborated with professional photographers for pro tips on capturing hidden gems using the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Grab your Galaxy S Series and let’s explore the unexplored in Malaysia!


Pantai Mek Mas in the East Coast state of Kelantan is a location to experience blue tranquility – from nasi kerabu to azure skies. There are many angles you can explore at the beachside. You can shoot on level ground and capture minimalist vistas of just sand and sky, because sometimes less is more! Climb to the top of the sand dunes for a high angle shot overlooking the slice of life below. Make use of the 200MP camera to capture tiny people at a distance for a whimsical effect.



When you let your camera run on 8K resolution video from sun up to sun down, you won’t miss a single detail of your day. This is especially great for fast action shots, like a game of beach volleyball and frisbee or birds diving into the water to catch fish. You can replay your video later to screenshot the frame that best portrays the thick of the action.


Switch to Portrait Mode for close ups of your friends enjoying the nautical breeze or of fishermen on brightly coloured boats.



Now travel up north to Penang, the land where heritage meets nature, stunning landscapes and landmarks stand side by side. To break away from all the busyness of the city, come take a stroll around a quaint village called Kampung Agong. The countryside agro-themed park is a coconut grove beside paddy fields. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP is the perfect tool to bring out a whole spectrum of colours and fine details of the surrounding beauty, especially if you’re trying on traditional costumes.



Memories this epic deserves to be relived in your own motion picture. Filmed in 8K resolution, you can capture your friends and family riding on a bike, feeding fish, or getting friendly with the animals at the petting zoo. Whether you opt for the homestay or camping, the flagship Nightography feature is sure to bring out splendour in the dark.



For more tips from the pros, follow their journey and insights here:



Final chance to win a photography trip to Korea

With the arrival of all new Galaxy S23 FE, Samsung has extended the Go the S-Tra Mile contest. You now have until 31 October 2023 to unleash your creative side with the epic Galaxy S Series and share your hidden gems in Malaysia. And remember, the most creative and rarest submissions stand a higher chance of winning. Don’t miss this final chance to win your dream photography trip to South Korea!


Stay tuned to Samsung’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter for contest details and the winners’ announcement on 13 November 2023.

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