[Video] Football Star Son Heung-Min Showcases How SmartThings Heightens At-Home Entertainment

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Samsung Electronics is helping consumers fully rest and recharge by pairing its advanced display technology with Samsung SmartThings, the company’s integrated and expansive multi-device ecosystem. From streaming content with new levels of immersion to creating the perfect ambiance at home, the platform offers a wide range of innovative capabilities within its ultra-connected device network. Football star Son Heung-min shares some of the ways users can amplify at-home entertainment through SmartThings.



Immersive Entertainment With Phillips Hue Sync

Adjusting the lighting of a room can deliver more immersive experiences — especially when playing games or watching TV shows and movies. With the Phillips Hue Sync TV app, users can seamlessly pair their Phillips Hue lighting to their Samsung Smart TVs and sync lighting to the colors of the content on screen.


Son demonstrates how Phillips Hue Sync changes the color, brightness and intensity of the lighting as he plays a video game on his Samsung Smart TV, putting him right in the center of the action.


Compatible lighting must be purchased separately; paid subscription of the Hue Sync app is required through Samsung TV app; availability and the timing of support may vary by country and region.




Smarter Workouts With SmartThings

For fitness enthusiasts who want to take their workouts to the next level, SmartThings is helping users exercise more effectively from home. By connecting Galaxy wearables to compatible Samsung Smart TVs, users can view their workout progress and health status in real time or participate in guided fitness or mindfulness programs. Son watches a football match on his Samsung Smart TV while exercising as he views his progress on screen — recorded with his Galaxy wearable.


 Available from 2024; availability and the timing of support may vary by country and region.



ConnecTime & Chat Together: TV alone can make interaction more convenient and efficient

Abruptly asked to join a meeting with coaches, Son Heung-min turned on TV. ConnecTime, no matter where you are, enables users to take video calls from the Galaxy to a large TV screen. Chat Together allows Son to enjoy a soccer match together with their friends without meeting in person.




3D Map View: Smarter management for all connected devices

Samsung SmartThings helps Son maintain his lifestyle as a homebody. Based on home structure, 3D Map View lets him conveniently see the status and location of the devices registered in SmartThings as well as check and monitor temperature, air quality, and energy usage. This is the perfect feature for people like Son who are busy even at home during holidays.


* Availability and the timing of support may vary by country and region.



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Check out the video below to view how Samsung’s Smart TVs and SmartThings help Son enhance entertainment at home.


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