[Video] How Connectivity is Driving Samsung’s Safety Solutions

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As we enter a new era of connected driving, the car is no longer just a vehicle, but an intelligent device. Safety on the roads is more important than ever, and the connected car represents important strides for protecting drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. With that vision in mind, Samsung Electronics has debuted the next generation of automotive safety solutions and its Cellular-Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.



Samsung has designed a number of safety solutions for driving that can be incorporated into various kinds of vehicles in the near future. As seen in the video above, detecting cars, pedestrians and traffic signals in front of the school bus, the Front Facing Camera alerts the driver to any hazards on the road and prompts them to proceed with caution and care. The monitoring systems can identify students whenever they hop on and off the bus, showing the driver who is safely aboard.



*This video is for the purpose of describing the concept and use cases of C-V2X technology.

The simulated use cases may be different in operation of actual vehicle.


C-V2X technology offers the next level in automotive telecommunications. Harnessing Samsung’s unique technologies for smartphone and network areas, C-V2X works via the vehicle’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU). The TCU connects the car to its surroundings and provides real-time information about unexpected variables and potential hazards beyond the driver’s line of sight, thus offering up exciting possibilities for safety when driving.

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