[Video] Meet the Samsung Bots: Your Companions of the Future

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The present and future collide at Samsung Electronics’ CES 2019 booth, where visitors are invited to test out the company’s newest innovations, and experience its cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow.


Combining Samsung’s AI platform, Bixby, with its latest advancements in hardware, software and user experience (UX) design, the company’s newly announced lineup of robots presents an exciting vision for the future of AI technology, and offers innovative solutions for issues related to health care and the environment.



From A to Z, Samsung Bot Care Looks After User’s Daily Lives

Samsung Bot Care specializes in helping user manage their daily health routine. It’s capable of measuring user’s blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and more, and can alert user’s when they need to take their medicine. It also notifies accredited family members when elderly user is experiencing an emergency, and support video calls for real-time communication.


Samsung Bot Care is additionally capable of tracking user’s sleep, and greet in the morning with an analysis of sleep patterns. It also informs the weather forecast and schedule for the day, and plays music that fits user’s mood.



Samsung Bot Air: a Self-Operating, Air-Purifying Robot

While demand for clean air is high, moving an air purifier from one room to another can be a real hassle.


That’s where Samsung’s new air-purifying robot, Samsung Bot Air, comes in. The robot utilizes sensors located in different areas of the user’s house – including one on an electronic appliance – to assess air quality. Once it identifies an area where the air quality is low, it automatically moves to where it’s needed and gets to work.



Samsung Bot Retail: a Personal Shopping Guide

The enterprise-focused Samsung Bot Retail allows stores to offer their customers a more personalized and convenient retail experience.


The Samsung Bot Retail helps customers find the items they need by registering their facial expressions and voices. Its awareness of surroundings allows it to navigate environment – even when it’s crowded – and guide customers to the area or items they’re looking for. The front-facing display can display menus or store details, and allows customers to purchase items comfortably and easily. Restaurants and stores can also use the robot to deliver food or items to their customers using the shelves on the robot’s back.



Samsung GEMS: Muscle Strengthening and Posture Training

Strong muscles are an essential part of a healthy life. Samsung GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating System) can assist users who have trouble walking, running or standing up, such as the elderly, by preventing their muscles from being overworked.


General users can also use Samsung GEMS to correct their posture or enhance their exercise capabilities. According to their individual needs, users can select any of Samsung GEMS’ three available devices, designed for hips, knees, and ankles.


Considering CES 2019 as a starting point, Samsung plans to develop customized robots for users with a shared robotics platform based on its AI technology.


“Our plan is to gauge consumers’ demand for robots, consider ways to create solutions for societal challenges, and accelerate our development efforts,” said Seung Hwan Cho, Deputy Head of Samsung Research. “People can look forward to the future that Samsung Bots will help create.”

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