[Video] Serenity in the City That Never Sleeps: Samsung Smart LED Signage Brings Nature to Times Square

on 05-08-2021
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Imagine a moment of complete calm in the heart of the city that never sleeps. On July 27, tourists and urbanites alike were treated to such a scene when Samsung Electronics, in partnership with Seoul-based design company d’strict, unveiled its Waterfall-NYC (2021) art installation in New York City’s Times Square.


Pairing Samsung’s world-leading display technology with d’strict’s innovative space-based user experiences, Waterfall-NYC (2021) transports onlookers to a digital ocean with hyper-realistic waves and cascading waterfalls over 100 metres tall.


Made possible thanks to Samsung Smart LED Signage, the installation at One Times Square measures more than 1,081 square metres (11,639 square feet) when combined and is comprised of four vertical screens.


The cascading water takes full advantage of the signage’s vertical structure, delivering an immersive and compelling visual experience. Images are displayed at the industry’s highest peak brightness, 9,000 nits, ensuring that the artwork remains vivid even in direct sunlight.


Check out the video and photos below to see the installation for yourself.



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