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How Samsung’s Galaxy devices complement digital nomadism and the remote working lifestyle


While majority of us only consider breaking away from the mundane cycle of our 9-5 desk jobs, a group of intrepid millennials are redefining what it means to embrace the present by seizing the proverbial bull by the horns and combining remote working and travel into an enviable lifestyle of exploration. This group, fondly known as digital nomads, are arguably the bravest and most exciting personalities to be associated with because they know exactly what they want to do and how they want to get it done. They are doers and challengers of the norm, and they explore interesting methods to push past barriers to achieve their goals. So what is it that makes the nomadic lifestyle viable? One word: technology.


Yes, while the improvement of internet speed, the appearance of co-working spaces, and the growing acceptance of remote work contracts between individuals and businesses attribute to the rising number of nomadic professionals, it is the advances in technology that make our world ever more interconnected and accessible. Technology isn’t just an enabler, it is the catalyst that rockets these location-independent professionals into a lifestyle of great work-life balance.


What digital nomads appreciate most is mobility – the ability to get things done from anywhere and at any time they see fit. They rely heavily on smartphones, laptops and tablets for work and connectivity purposes; and this boils down to how far a smart device can go to supplement and complement a digital nomad’s life. Where devices are concern, Samsung delivers a unified experience through advanced smartphones such as its flagship Galaxy Note8 and S8/S8+ as well as a series of connected gears that make up a seamless ecosystem to take productivity and communication to the next level.



When it comes to productivity, the S Pen is by far the most versatile tool made up of an intuitive design and powerful functions to make multi-tasking a breeze. For digital nomads, ideas flow at any given time so penning them down quickly is vital. For this, there is the Screen-Off Memo where notes can be written on the screen without unlocking the phone. Work becomes convenient with Screen Write where articles, emails and documents are easily saved as one image and annotations can be added to work files for easy reference. The Scroll Capture feature brings screenshots to the next level as it is able to capture entire web pages (up to 100 pages) into one handy shareable file. Moreover, digital nomads can utilize the Smart Select feature to create GIFs to share with friends on social media.


Supporting the S Pen is the Infinity Display, a large bezel-free screen that allows digital nomads to see more and scroll less, giving them more room to watch, read, work and draw. The Galaxy Note8 and S8/S8+’s Infinity Display is equipped with the Multi Window function where the new App Pair feature helps users create a custom pair of apps on the Edge Panel to simultaneously launch two apps with ease. Now who says you can only do one thing at a time on your smartphone?



Part of living the digital nomad life is to work and travel, so you don’t miss out on the myriad of experiences life has to offer. This is where Samsung presents powerful smartphone cameras in its flagship devices for users to capture moments and milestones. Digital nomads can ditch their bulky cameras and travel light with smartphones like the Galaxy Note8 and S8/S8+ that capture great images, which are just as good as professional cameras. The Dual-Pixel Sensor, wide aperture and fast autofocus of the 12MP F1.7 rear camera work together to create beautiful photographs, even in low-light conditions.


If you think mobile photography just went up a notch, wait until you try the Galaxy dual camera with dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). For added creative control, the new Live Focus feature lets users adjust the bokeh effect before and after the photo is taken. In Dual Capture mode, both cameras work simultaneously to capture two separate images – one close-up shot from the telephoto lens and one wide-angle shot that show the entire background – so digital nomads will never have to miss a moment.



For the more focused digital nomad, there is the Samsung DeX for an inclusive mobile desktop experience. Digital nomads will find DeX very useful because it allows them to use their Galaxy Note8 and S8/S8+ as they would with a desktop, by providing a seamless, secure mobile-to-PC transition. Apps within the smartphone itself can be accessed without hassle, and they can even browse the web, send messages and more directly from their phone on a larger display, without having to carry multiple devices or transfer data. It supports keyboard and mouse gestures, allowing the smartphones to function as efficiently as a PC. This way, digital nomads get to do more with little devices on-the-go, and they can still get a lot done in a day.


The popularity of digital nomadism owes itself to the rapid development of modern society; and advances in technology and attitudes could make digital nomadism and remote working not only easier, but also more popular than it already is. Today, a lot of work can be done from anywhere on a smartphone with ease and efficiency, if not more than in a traditional office. Samsung fills the gap by offering the best in smartphone technology, providing digital nomads with the flexibility to multitask and freedom to create, express and document their work-life journey.




Top Malaysian YouTuber and entertainer Jin Lim aka Jinnyboy shared how the Galaxy Note8 supports his mobile lifestyle



“What digital nomads appreciate the most is the idea of mobility – being able to get things done from anywhere and at any time they see fit. They rely heavily on their smartphones and laptops or tablets for work and connectivity purposes; and the Galaxy Note8 is the ideal addition to that lifestyle,” – Julian Thean, Head of Product Marketing, IT and Mobile Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

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