Ready for a new era of premium comfort? Samsung kicks off new Air Solutions at the 2022 Air Solutions B2B Dealer Convention

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Samsung Air Solutions team with Samsung Philippines President Min Su Chu


Improving quality of life has always been Samsung’s commitment to its customers, and this includes providing solutions to its residential and industry partners.


Attended by more than 250 guests consisting of key industry players, building developers, design consultants, engineers, and Aircon B2B specialists, Samsung Philippines’ first ever AC Dealer Convention showcased the best of Samsung Air Solutions, including the reveal of its newest product, the DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air Conditioner and Bespoke WindFree Premium on November 25 at The Fifth Rockwell.


“It makes me very proud to share that, despite the challenging past two years, Samsung has grown much more than expected – in AC especially,” says Min Su Chu, President of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) in his welcome remarks. “This tells us of the steadfast trust and confidence our partners have in our products.”


Min Su Chu, President of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO)


The one-day event presented Samsung’s consistent efforts to improve customers’ lives through the Air Solutions line. The event also became a launch pad of their newest Air Solutions Products namely the DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air Conditioner and  WindFree Room Air Conditioners (RAC) Premium.


The DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air Conditioner is Samsung’s sixth-generation digital variable multi-air conditioner that has its own AI-controlled system. This groundbreaking feature is Samsung’s most advanced climate control solution yet, providing an optimized and complete range of cooling throughout every corner of apartment blocks, office buildings, and commercial establishments.


The AI system of the DVM S2 air conditioner sports quick learning of the users’ cooling operation patterns and delivers the desired temperature faster. Real-time detection of possible leaks is also achievable, as the system automatically sends alerts to users so they can immediately manage units when needed.



Mon Medina, Head of Consumer Electronics


Jazz Lauron, Samsung Air Solutions Product Manager for Residential Air Conditioning


JC Capistrano, Samsung Air Solutions Product Manager for Systems Air Conditioning


“We took what our customers loved about the DVM S VRF system and built the new generation of DVM for the Philippine market to be even better,” JC Capistrano, AC Product Manager for the DVM S2 proudly states. “The new DVM S2 is 11% more efficient in seasonal energy efficiency on average, compared to the current market leaders.”


Samsung also featured its WindFree Room Air Conditioners (RAC) Premium units with WindFree™ Cooling technology. This is Samsung’s answer to users’ energy saving concerns, as it consumes minimal power and uses less electricity compared to other air conditioning modes. This cooling feature is also designed to cool spaces faster, farther, and wider.


WindFree RAC Premium has a 4-in-1 antibacterial filter that purifies air and protects users against allergens, harmful particles, and other airborne contaminants. This Samsung Air Solutions model can be remotely controlled with the Smartthings App as well, so users can enjoy their desired temperature with just a touch.


“All Samsung WindFree™ Room Air Conditioners are rated 5-Star by the Department of Energy, which guarantees an optimal consumption of energy and cooling efficiency,” Jazz Lauron, AC Product Manager for the WindFree™ Room Air Conditioners (RAC) Innovations adds. “The unique feature of WindFree™ cooling technology that only Samsung Air Solutions can offer is now made even better with our latest breakthrough yet, the Bespoke.”


During the convention, Samsung also handed out exclusive Samsung products and gift certificates to attendees and awarded its AC specialists and contractors for their top sales performance during the event.



Members of the 2022 Samsung Air Solutions President’s Circle


Min Su Chu, President of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) with Rockwell Land Corporation Representatives


Min Su Chu, President of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) with Theresa Galvan, Owner of Tekvision Distribution


Recognitions given were Rising Star Award, Room Air Conditioning Top 10, System Air Conditioning Top 10, Samsung DVM Sales Expert, Outstanding Service Award, President’s Circle, and Partnership Award. Medals of appreciation were also given pillars of the industry present during the event.


Setting an energetic mood for the whole dealer convention program was a performance from top local musician Rico Blanco singing his hits and newly released songs.


To know more about the DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air Conditioner and WindFree Premium, visit


Amazing rock performance by local artist, Rico Blanco


Samsung Air Solution’s newest: The DVM S2 and Windfree Premium White and Black


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