TRACK, TRAIN, TRIUMPH: Achieve the best and fittest version of yourself with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Series and the Fit3!

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Summer’s the time to get active and go the extra mile in putting your fitness journey into high gear! Let the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Series and the Galaxy Fit3 inspire you to pursue that fitness goal you’ve been aspiring for with its range of health features that will keep you motivated to stay on track.


With the impressive features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Series and the Galaxy Fit3, you’ll achieve your fitspiration in no time without the usual grump and grumble associated with lifestyle changes! Stylish, premium and functional, here are some of the best features of the Galaxy Watch6 that will keep you focused on achieving your healthiest self:



Get Active and Choose a Sport





Thinking of getting back in shape after a long hiatus? The Personalized Heart Zone gives you a tailor-fit workout based on your ability and current health status. It assigns specific optimal running levels based on your current physical ability. Along with the new Track Run that records your runs, the Custom Workout gives you the flexibility to create and monitor your own streamlined fitness program. It also has automatic workout detection and more than fifty exercise modes.


The Body Composition records physical measurements like skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water and body fat percentage, giving you a clear picture of your fitness level and giving you a more detailed approach to tracking, streamlining and executing your fitness goals. This can give you a more detailed picture of your current health condition. It comes in handy, especially when you’re thinking of restarting your fitness routine, whether in the gym or enjoying the outdoors such as cycling or running.


Summer is also a great time to get in touch with athletic communities, join fitness classes and make some new friends – bonus points if these activities also have a great cause attached! One example is the Galaxy Watch Earth Day Run 2024 organized by Samsung Philippines and RunRio at the SM Mall of Asia Complex to advocate for the preservation of natural resources and to raise awareness on urgent environmental issues, promote sustainable practices and inspire a “greener” approach towards consumption and conservation.





The race, which was also supported by Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines, had 10,000 runners participate in the event, with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and the Galaxy Fit3 taking the lead as the perfect partners for a healthier lifestyle, and combining two of Samsung Philippines’ biggest advocacies: “building sustainability into product experience and pushing for wellness with technology,” as said by Samsung Philippines ecosystem category head, Jelina King.



Peace of mind with every step


Safety first is a priority and the Galaxy Watch6 has your back with Fall Detection: Detect falls no matter where you are and what you are doing. Once a fall is detected, the Galaxy Watch6 will notify selected contacts and emergency numbers to assist you.



Count Your Zs!





Getting enough sleep plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Monitor and adjust your sleep cycle and sleep style with the Galaxy Watch6’s Advanced Sleep Coaching. It provides an in-depth analysis of your Sleep Score Factors to make you aware of your sleep patterns and assigns you a Sleep Animal Symbol that helps you better understand your sleep style and how to improve sleep quality.


Other features of the Galaxy Watch6 Series that help you monitor your health include 24/7 heart rate monitoring,  ECG tracking and stress monitoring – and with longer battery life and reduced battery consumption, the Watch6 is your fitness companion from day to night and after.


From the health buff executive to the fashionista It-Girl, the Galaxy Watch6 Series is the ideal partner for those who want to combine aesthetics and function in their fitness journey. Yet for those looking for a more wallet-friendly yet fun wearable, the Galaxy Fit3 is perfect for the on-the-go fitness enthusiast. It allows users to monitor their wellness and fitness information from sunup to sundown, wherever they are.


The Galaxy Fit3’s stylish body and wider screen give you a better way to view your data at a glance without disrupting your lifestyle. Bigger is better with the Fit3’s larger, crisper 1.6 “ AMOLED display and 256 x 402 resolution. Your health info can now be viewed under all types of lighting and in better detail, giving you a much better user experience no matter where you are.


The Fit3’s ergonomic design comes in a slim, aluminum body, making it comfortable for daily wear and has a sandblast finish in Gray, Pink and Silver. With its fast charging feature (that can last up to 13 days in a single charge) in 30 minutes, you can track your fitness journey and rely on the Fit3 to detect your routine. Programmed with six exercises from walking to a more dynamic workout, the Galaxy Fit3 can also track your daily heart rate and health information and record it in the SMP Samsung Health app.


The Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature tracks your sleep patterns, as well as your sleep stage, snores and blood oxygen throughout the night, giving you peace of mind the moment you drift off to sleep.


Let the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series and the Galaxy Fit3 inspire you to reignite your fitness goals and motivate you to start moving! For more information, visit

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