Fall in Love with the Most Innovative Audio Experiences, Perfect for You: Galaxy Buds2 Pro

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It’s never easy to watch summer wind down, especially as the reality of back-to-school and the return of the five-day workweek looms heavily on our minds. But thanks to Samsung’s Buds2 Pro, people everywhere can step into the season with their best foot forward and be empowered with the latest technology to take on all that fall has to offer


Whether it’s back to taking business calls on the go, tuning into a virtual lecture of a new school year, or watching your favorite streaming service as the nights get darker, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are an essential accessory to making fall activities fabulous.


Bolstered with functionality, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are truly a must-have accessory for those seeking premium audio experiences that can suit every lifestyle, needs, and personality. With the introduction of this latest entrant into the Galaxy Buds lineup, Samsung is continuing to innovate the earbuds market with top-of-the-line features that provide the ultimate wireless audio listening experiences.


Made For the Music Aficionado

For those who love to curate the perfect fall playlist, taking morning walks while listening to the latest tracks or podcasts on their way to work, premium audio quality is essential. With this in mind, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro were created to deliver crisp, rich sound for a fully immersive listening experience.


For music lovers, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro provide the perfect way to experience your favorite albums, with a high-dynamic range and crystal-clear sound resolution now in wireless Hi-Fi 24bit Audio, allowing listeners to hear the quietest melodies or the most nuanced harmonies.


Thanks to 24bit processing from the latest Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro provide 256 times richer data and robust audio that fights against interference, allowing users to hear every sound with unrivaled clarity.




Perfect for the Productivity Seeker

While fall brings colorful foliage and crisp air, it comes with more frequent commuting to work. Outside distractions can hinder productivity when trying to take calls on the go, whether that be traffic noises, the sirens of an ambulance driving by, or fellow commuters being a little too noisy. To help users stay focused on the content they’re enjoying, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro combat the sounds of everyday life, minimizing distractions and maximizing immersion.


The Galaxy Buds2 Pro offer a powerful active noise cancellation (ANC) capability to help you stay connected and focused when chatting with co-workers during your morning or evening commute. The enhanced ANC features, improved by 40% compared to the previous model, ensure you only hear what you want to hear while cancelling out unnecessary noise. Thanks to the improvement in ANC, Galaxy Buds2 Pro can assist with various aspects of your daily life, allowing you to stay connected and tuned in wherever you may be.


The Galaxy Buds2 Pro also offer Conversation Mode which focuses on face-to-face discussions to add an extra layer of crystal-clear resolution.




Essential for the Entertainment Enthusiast

The end of summer and return of fall brings with it all new movies and TV shows back for their next season, and our favorite sports return to primetime. This is the ideal time of year for the entertainment enthusiast. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro allow you to fully immerse yourself in whatever you’re watching by delivering the ultimate entertainment experience.


Equipped with Intelligent 360 Audio, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro offer hyper-realistic sound to make it feel like users are centered in the action or part of the stadium crowd, creating the ultimate entertainment experience. The deeper, richer audio provided in full surround sound creates a fully immersive experience and is supported by 360 Audio with Direct Multi-channel, which is one of the most ‘realistic’ audio capabilities on the earbuds market. Plus, with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro customized and secure fit, the wearing experience is more comfortable than ever before.




So, while it’s never easy to bid farewell to summer, Samsung is helping make your fall easier, more productive, and more enjoyable with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

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