Samsung Brings BESPOKE Refrigerators with Customisable Styles for Modern Kitchens to Singapore

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The new BESPOKE lineup taps into the trends of modularity and customisation, providing homeowners with more
options to reinvent their living spaces that reflect their lifestyles and tastes.


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The BESPOKE lineup offers consumers endless design permutations to spruce up their living spaces


Samsung Electronics Singapore today announced the launch of BESPOKE Refrigerators, ushering in a new era of customisable home appliances that allow homeowners to express their unique style while maintaining the flexibility and functionality they seek.


The new BESPOKE lineup can be customised in a plethora of ways to complement different home settings and aesthetics. It is available in the all-new 4-Door Flex, the Bottom Mount Freezer, and the 1-Door Flex, or a combination of the formats that consumers can mix and match to fit their living spaces, offering consumers an array of colours and configurations for their homes.


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Homeowners can mix and match any colours and configurations to suit their needs


It boasts sleek lines and a contemporary flat-panel design with recessed handles, creating a clutter-free look that blends harmoniously into kitchen interiors. Due to its versatility, the refrigerator can be perfectly aligned and flushed into any kitchen cabinetry with minimal installation gaps for a seamless appearance. Additionally, it features a reversible door that enables consumers to adjust the direction in which the door opens.


Consumers in Singapore can select from a palette of five classic and vibrant hues available in soft and silky (Satin Glass) or glossy (Glam Glass) finishes. Colour options include Glam White, Glam Pink, Glam Navy, Satin Sky Blue and Satin Gray.


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Five different colour options available to choose from


“We are thrilled to finally bring to market the BESPOKE Refrigerator range in Singapore, providing consumers with a selection of modules and changeable panels in a spectrum of colours which includes pastels and monochromatic options. As families are spending more time at home, we are also seeing an increase in the number of people investing additional time and effort into making their homes a reflection of their personalities and tastes. This is now easier than ever with the BESPOKE range, and we’re excited to see how families will transform their living spaces,” said Jacqueline Toh, Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics Singapore.


High-Performance Features for All Your Refrigeration Needs


Samsung’s household appliances are designed to cater for healthy lifestyles and consumer well-being. The BESPOKE lineup integrates various innovative features that helps keep food fresh, optimise storage space, and provide users with even more convenience and control to keep their life at home organised.


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Consumers can choose from (L-R) the Bottom Mount Freezer, all-new 4-Door Flex, and the 1-Door Flex, or a combination of the formats available


The 4-Door Flex will come with Samsung’s signature FlexZoneTM, an independently controlled compartment that converts from refrigerator to freezer mode and vice versa, allowing for the storage of a wide range of items with five pre-set temperature modes. The 4-Door Flex is also equipped with a Flex CrisperTM compartment, adjustable with two distinct temperature settings, ideal for preserving the freshness of fresh products such as meat and fish.


Additionally, the BESPOKE lineup includes several advanced cooling capabilities that improves food preservation. They include the Triple Cooling System, which independently controls the temperature and humidity in three independent compartments and prevents odours from mixing; Precise Cooling, which minimises temperature fluctuation; and a Metal Cooling plate which helps keep the fridge cool.




Samsung Singapore today also launched a new contest, #BespokeDesignedByYou, to the public. The design challenge invites participants to submit their original artwork using the Samsung BESPOKE fridge as a canvas and brings to life the breadth of customisation possibilities.


To kick off the competition, Samsung teamed up with local creative collaborators, Candice Phang, Michael Mindflyer and Tan Zi Xi, high end furnishing retailer Commune, as well as well-known interior design firm Rooot Studio, to create exclusive artwork for the fridge doors at launch, highlighting the creativity, personalisation and endless configuration potential of the Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerators.


The winners will be selected by Candice Phang, Michael Mindflyer and Tan Zi Xi.


The Grand Prize Winner will walk away with a BESPOKE fridge (worth S$1,929). Additionally, consolation prize winners stand to win Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Galaxy Buds and Samsung Colour Microwave Oven.


Entry submission period will end on 31 October 2021. For more information, visit



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Candice Phang (@puffingmuffin)


“My artwork for the BESPOKE Refrigerator is inspired by two of my favourite things – cats and plants. I wanted it to reflect my passions, while being relatable to others. It’s my interpretation of an enchanting, whimsical and purrfect world that comes to life on the fridge. My main intention is to create positive vibes and add a happy touch to any home or kitchen. While it’s the perfect design for plant or cat lovers, I think anyone can enjoy the bright and cheerful sight whenever they open the fridge.


This is the first time I’m creating artwork that will go on a refrigerator, so it’s incredibly fun, new, and exciting. I felt so much anticipation to see the final product, even during the creation process. Watching it come to life felt amazing. I love that this collaboration gave me the creative freedom to reflect my personal style and taste, which is what BESPOKE is all about.”


Modern Kitchens to Sigapore_6

Michael Mindflyer (@mindflyer)


“When I received the brief, I wanted to explore the notion of food sanctity and the refrigerator’s function as a “shrine”. This concept revolves around an eccentric modern shrine design comprised of culinary shapes and forms as well as a wildly coloured architectural mash-up.


I strive to enliven all my designs by merging and remixing my love for inventive pop art, vivid colours, and surrealistic techniques in order to bring it to life in a new dimension. I hope you enjoyed this artwork.”


Samsung Brings Bespoke_7Tan Zi Xi (@messymsxi)


“At first glance, the whimsical artwork showcases a highly detailed and intricate forest that entreats the viewer to enter a world of lush flora and fauna. While the forest is brimming with life and beauty, an even closer glance reveals a maze hidden within the artwork. And in that maze is a character who is lost and needs help finding her way home. Going beyond just an ornamental piece, the maze acts as a design node that brings an element of playful interaction into the piece.


Much like BESPOKE, which is fun and functional, I wanted the design to reflect that as well. I hope that you will feel that my artwork was engaging and thought-provoking, as much as I enjoyed creating it. In a world where home has become the centre stage for so many of life’s interactions, why not make this key home appliance a talking point and an activity for all to bond over.”


Modern Kitchens to Sigapore_8

ROOOT Studio (@roootstudio)


“When we were first briefed about this project, we wanted to create an artwork that was relatable to anyone and everyone through storytelling, just like how we design spaces. The piece, “Goood Afternoon”, was designed as a conversation starter in the heart of the kitchen, as we wanted our design to take a view of the everyday lives of people living in Singapore, and how interactions between people are sparked by things as simple as a greeting with a smile.”


Try to spot SAMSUNG in this work of art, as it has seamlessly integrated into our lives.”


Modern Kitchens to Sigapore_9

Commune (@communehome_official)


“Modern and functional appliances allow ample room for creativity blended with customisable aesthetics to be curated for any living space.


The BESPOKE range is simple and elegant in design, and the sleek lines and structured edges within the artwork transition effortlessly to the elegant shape of the BESPOKE fridges. This blends seamlessly with the soothing and natural colour palette of the Créme collection.


The artwork complements our Créme collection, which will be displayed alongside the BESPOKE range in our showrooms.”


From 27 September to 24 October, members of the public can visit TANGS Singapore to view the exclusive designs by Candice Phang, Michael Mindflyer, Tan Zi Xi, and Rooot Studio. Additionally, Commune will showcase its BESPOKE design at its Millenia Walk store.

Local Availability and Pricing


The Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator lineup will be available from end-September on Samsung Online Store and major consumer electronics & IT stores including Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Lazada, Mega Discount Store, Shopee and Parisilk, or their respective online stores.

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1 Reversible door feature is only applicable to RB33T3070AP/SS & RZ32T7445AP/SS. Any requirement to change the direction of door should be made prior to delivery. Additional charges may apply for subsequent door reversal request.

2 Features stated are applicable to selected BESPOKE Refrigerator models. Refer to the Specifications page for more information.

3 Price for each BESPOKE Refrigerator will vary depending on the selection of colour panels and finish. Pairing kit sold separately. For more information, consult a sales representative from your nearest electronic retail store.

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