[ViewFinity S9 Story] How OIMU Studio Infuses Colours and Emotions Into Modern Design

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“Colour” is more than just a design element. It is a profound language that bridges emotions and experiences, allowing artists to create evocative messages that resonate on a deeper level. It is a vital component in the toolkit of any creative professional. Accurate monitors like the ViewFinity S9 provide artists with the ability to see and express colour accurately across various mediums, granting them total control over their artwork. This ensures that the final products are aligned with the artist’s original intent.


OIMU Studio, a design powerhouse in Korea, believes that design should act as a “connector.” Their work forges links between the values of the past and present, and between Eastern and Western traditions. Through various projects, including the renowned “Colour,” “Nobang” and “Match” projects, OIMU provides these connections to their audience, blending cultural traditions and offering a fresh and modern perspective to elements of the past.


In this second instalment of the ViewFinity S9 Story series, Samsung Newsroom sat down with Sohyun Shin of OIMU Studio to explore her inspirations and find out how ViewFinity S9 has become a vital tool in her artistic pursuit.


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▲ Sohyun Shin, Founder and Chief Designer of OIMU


Established in 2015, OIMU is a lifestyle brand and design studio known for bridging cultural differences and reinterpreting nostalgic objects with a modern flair. Led by Sohyun Shin, the studio boasts with portfolio of projects that connect various traditional Korean elements with contemporary aesthetics.


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Q: Could you briefly introduce OIMU to our readers?

OIMU is a lifestyle brand and design studio, dedicated to celebrating and promoting the cultural values and traditions of Korea through design and content. We are involved in publishing, exhibitions and products as well. One of our most well-known work is the “Colour” project, which created over 350 unique colour names in Korean. We aim to reinterpret Korea’s rich cultural heritage through design.


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Q: Can you tell us about your recent project using the ViewFinity S9?

The “Colour” project began with a goal to develop unique colour names, typically in foreign languages, in Korean. Recently, we made 100 colour name cards for a brand exhibition. As these unique set of colours had precise CMYK values, it was important to express the colours as accurately as possible, to highlight those subtle and nuanced differences. The ViewFinity S9 monitor helped us match our print values to our digital designs, and we were able to prepare the final print as intended.

※ CMYK: A colour model used in colour printing with four ink plates: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (in many cases, black).


Outside of the “Colour” project, we also work with many delicate illustrations, which can appear blurry and unclear at places like print shops with ordinary monitors. ViewFinity S9, in contrast, presented images with outstanding clarity, allowing us to confidently move on with the card designs. I recently underwent LASIK surgery to improve my eyesight. If prior monitors reminded me of my sight before LASIK, the ViewFinity S9 felt like seeing with improved vision after! It has undoubtedly been a transformative tool.


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Q: What is the most important factor when selecting a monitor?

Much of OIMU’s work, like any design studio, require attention to details. So, high resolution is essential. High resolution monitors allow us to be more intuitive and help us work on intricate designs by showing the subtle differences in colours and details.


Data processing is key in ensuring that physical prints turn out high-quality. ViewFinity S9 significantly reduces the margin of error during this process. When comparing digital and physical prints, you will find them nearly identical. In essence, ViewFinity S9 helps us create higher quality designs.

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Q: What are your favorite features of ViewFinity S9?

There were reflections when we were using ordinary monitors, forcing us to use blinds. With ViewFinity’s Matte Display, reflections are minimised and colours are accurate even in sunlight. Now, I can work while enjoying the view and natural light.


Our studio has many windows, so, monitor glare is unavoidable. I like to work with the view of nature.


ViewFinity S9 minimises glares and reflections, so I can accurately check the colours even when it is bright outside.


ViewFinity S9 OIMU Main 6


Q: How else did ViewFinity S9 change your work environment?

Colour temperature is another important aspect in our line of work. With ViewFinity’s Smart Calibration feature,[1] we can calibrate precise onscreen colours without additional and often expensive equipment.


Also, ViewFinity S9 is great when I want to take a break from work, since I can watch my favorite shows on OTT streaming apps.[2] I also just love this cute remote control.


ViewFinity S9 OIMU Main 7

Q: Would you recommend ViewFinity S9 to other designers?

Designers spend countless hours in front of monitors. To me, ViewFinity S9 stands as an optimal choice for both eye comfort and faithful expression of images and colour. If you are a creative professional seeking a premium display, you will not be disappointed with ViewFinity S9.




[1] Smart Calibration enables users to conveniently customise the ViewFinity S9’s screen for precise settings – including colour temperature, luminance, colour space and gamma settings – using their smartphones, without expensive, complex calibration equipment. Available on Galaxy S10 or later, Galaxy Note10 or later, Galaxy Fold devices, Galaxy Flip devices, iPhone 11 or later and the second generation iPhone SE 2 or later. Latest version of the SmartThings app required.

[2] App availability may vary by country and separate subscriptions may be required. Requires internet connection.

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