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May 31, 2017
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A new era of spatial design has begun. When choosing items to design their spaces, people no longer seek technical premiums, or blindly follow trends. People nowadays base their design needs in each individual preference and lifestyle, rather than being conscious of others. This goes the same for TVs. Now, users personally choose their TVs and place it in their homes in a way that best suits their lifestyles. In light of this, it was necessary to redefine and innovate the TV experience in order to design a TV that can intimately and harmoniously meld with individual lives.



This was TV

“TVs are always found in the same places.
It’s surrounded with various devices.
Wires are everywhere, uncontained, in disarray.
Their shapes and colors are identical.
Once installed, a TV takes root and becomes hard to relocate.
The biggest, most expensive TV is the best.
When turned-off, a TV adds nothing to the space.
Choosing a TV and interior design are two separate things.”


To bring innovation to TV design, we crossed off common stereotypes, one by one. Through this process, we were able to develop a TV design that alleviates user inconveniences, enhances essential functions, and harmonizes with any space.



The Next Innovation in TV – QLED


The QLED TV has unrestricted freedom in every aspect. Its viewing experience, as well as its installation method and location are all unconfined to any specific space or time. We ask ourselves why we have been stuck in restrictive and old interior design habits of placing a TV in the living room across from a sofa. By replacing a minor nuisance with innovative design experience, the QLED TV has become an objet d’art that elevates the ambience of its space regardless of being turned on or off.



360˚ Design Pushing the Boundaries of Space


Up until now, the back of a TV was an obsolete area in terms of TV design because it was not in view. However, with the idea of placing a TV in the center of a particular space in mind, all areas of the QLED TV have been intricately designed. Once you turn on the screen that can produce 100% color volume, the QLED TV becomes an even more dominant presence in its space.



Designing ‘Disappearance’


The German term ‘Kabel-Salat’ literally translates to a ‘Cable Salad’, which describes a messy bundle of tangled cables. These tangled cables are often seen surrounding TVs nowadays, and never fail to distract us from the surrounding space. The QLED TV features ‘Invisible Connection’, a transparent optical cable that has been designed to minimize any visual disturbances no matter where it is located near the TV. Furthermore, the ‘One Connect’ box allows the TV to perform various functions without connecting multiple cables to the TV itself. The nearly wireless QLED TV designs its surroundings with undisturbed tranquility.



A TV that Ascends above Space


Wall-mounted TVs always had wasted spaces behind them. The QLED TV’s ‘No Gap Wall-mount’ effectively minimizes the space between the wall and the TV, thereby creating a modern effect of a TV hovering elegantly and effortlessly close to the wall. The mount maintains a very slim profile, and the bracket inserts itself completely to the back of the TV, altogether elevating the quality of the design.



Stand Design that Reflects User’s Individuality


In addition to wall-mounts, the QLED TV brings your space to life in many other ways as well. With the ‘Studio Stand’, your TV will look like a work of art. The classic easel form allows the QLED TV to express a classical and luxurious aura. The ‘Gravity Stand’ is a metallic cone-shaped stand that has a finish akin to a stylish sculpture. Its contemporary look dictates the ambience of its space like a piece of installation art.



Designed for Your Space – The Frame


On average, people spend 4 hours a day watching TV. In other words, the TV is turned off for at least 20 hours. The design of The Frame has been conceived through the vision of a TV that is beautiful even when it is turned off. Throughout each day, The Frame acts as a precious piece of artwork and naturally dissolves into the everyday moments of our lives.



Two Modes, Two Roles


If there is one item that can dramatically affect the atmosphere of your home, it will undoubtedly be a picture frame. The Frame is the ultimate combination of a TV and a picture frame that embodies unique preferences and design lifestyles. The two modes, ‘TV Mode’ and ‘Art Mode’ can each display unique atmosphere. As you turn off the TV mode, the TV will shift into the Art Mode and act as an objet d’art that brings class to your interior design.



Creating a One-of-a-kind Space


The Frame can showcase splendid artwork and photographs of precious memories as if it were an actual picture frame through its 4K UHD picture quality and Brightness Sensor. The Frame also provides a wide array of content that the user can use to display images that best suit your décor.


The Frame is a platform that brings art to the comfort of your home. You will find a breathtaking collection of more than a hundred professionally-curated art pieces that span ten different genres by 37 artists in the Samsung Collection. Users can display artwork that has been personalized to the tastes of their home interior through The Frame, and conveniently access works of world renown artists with the help of the online art store’s curation.


The Frame also carries various UX designs that help users display their own photographs or artwork. You can choose a background color and utilize six different layouts to position your images in any way you like, and essentially design your very own TV.



A Frame by Frame Option for Your Home Decor


The Frame is designed to be undistinguishable in every way from an actual picture frame, and can blend seamlessly with any interior decoration. Its ‘Customizable Frame’ can easily attach and detach itself from the body, and can be purchased in Walnut, Beige Wood, or White, based on the needs and moods of your interior.


Package that Resonates with the Heart of The Frame


It’s only appropriate to take a unique approach in package design for The Frame considering the unique characteristics of its design. The typography design that beautifully captures the information of The Frame’s functions has become a piece of art itself.

‘Screen Everywhere’ is the future vision for Samsung TV. The QLED TV and The Frame are the manifestations of this vision. A TV that can be placed anywhere in the house and offer new experiences any time of the day. A TV that begins its journey with a user’s ever-changing lifestyle and advances toward new, sustainable values. This is the beginning of innovative TV design that transcends the limits of everything we previously perceived about the TV.


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