Samsung Electronics Rolls Out New Washing Machine Lineup Offering High Energy-Efficiency and Advanced AI Features

April 4, 2024
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Lineup includes energy-saving washing machine which is up to 40% more energy efficient than A rated models* with a host of AI features such as AI Ecobubble™, AI Wash and AI Energy Mode

LONDON, United Kingdom – April 3, 2024 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of a new lineup of washing machines in the UK. The products were unveiled at the ‘Welcome to BESPOKE AI’ global launch event held at les Pavillon des Étangs in Paris today, directly connecting users with the Samsung Bespoke AI experience.


“We know that there is a great opportunity for washing machines to contribute to a more energy-efficient lifestyle,” said Moohyung Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of the Customer Experience Team, Digital Appliances (DA) Business at Samsung Electronics. “With our newest washing machine lineup, Samsung is taking the next step in achieving that goal while also revolutionising the laundry experience.”


The models showcased at the event are being launched across four product series. These include products that are 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% more efficient than standard A rated washing machines. So no matter which product is selected by the consumer, it still provides energy efficient benefits. Plus, thanks to SpaceMax™ technology, the new products enable a large capacity of 11 kg [2] while the outside dimensions stay the same.


More Efficient Than Class “A” Through Samsung’s Advanced Technologies

The new washing machine lineup brings significant energy savings to the laundry process, with the most notable achievement being the 40% more energy efficient than A rated model1. Samsung has introduced advanced technologies into the lineup in order to achieve this.


The core technology leading the extra energy saving is the Bubble Shot[3]. It sprays soapy water inside the drum on top of the clothes by pulling it through a circulation pump. This means the detergent penetrates evenly, enhancing overall washing efficiency.


The newly launched Bubble Shot Technology helps users save water and cycle time when using the Cotton cycle. using up to 20% less water[4] than a conventional washing machine. Using the same amount of detergent, it also means the density of the detergent is higher, enhancing the performance while shortening the washing cycle time by up to 25%4.


With AI Energy Mode[5], available through the SmartThings app10, energy monitoring is extended even further. Users can monitor their daily, weekly and monthly power consumption, with the feature even estimating users’ monthly energy bills. If the monthly electricity bill indicates that it may exceed a users’ target, SmartThings Energy can turn on the energy saving mode, which then smartly reduces energy consumption by up to 70% compared to washing in warm water[6].


Elevating User Experiences with AI-Based Technologies

While the new lineup improves the performance in energy efficiency, the core functions also help users reduce efforts in treating their laundry.


AI Wash takes the guesswork out of the perfect wash. Four sensors weigh your wash load and check the level of soiling to adjust the water, amount of detergent dispensed, rinse time and spin speed* for great results and minimal wear and tear with every wash.


In addition to that AI Ecobubble™[7] goes one step further by detecting for wash loads of up to 2kg.



A Wide Range of Impressive Laundry Features

Samsung has applied and expanded features in three important areas of the laundry experience the reduction of microplastics release, ease of use, and washing time. Here is how:


Less Microfiber™ Cycle: All entries in the lineup come with the standard Less Microfiber™ Cycle. It was created to help shed less microplastics being discharged into drain water from clothes. By adjusting the motor’s revolution speed and washing intensiveness, this cycle reduces the amount of microfiber released in the drain water


Detergent Scan[8] and Care Label Scan[9]: Enjoy personalised and efficient laundry. Clothing Care[10] analyses your usage[11] to make recommendations and customise cycles[12]. By scanning the barcode on detergent, it automatically sets the appropriate amount for each load[13]. When you take a photo of the care label on your clothes and register them in ‘My Closet’ it suggests customised courses for items selected from it, so you get the perfect wash.


Super Speed: With Super Speed, the loads can be finished in just 39 minutes.[14] This short wash time is enabled by QuickDrive, which dynamically moves clothes. The rinsing time is also shortened using Speed Spray, which shoots powerful jets of water to quickly remove detergent residue. And the washer accelerates the spin speed based on the laundry load to quickly spin-dry clothes, as well.




There are two colour and four design variations across four product series in total (WW8/7/6/5000D). All models are now available for pre-order in the UK with pre-order offers[15]. Be the first to see and get an exclusive discount, by visiting


*Based on internal testing. The energy consumption of WW11DB8B95G** is 32kWh, which is 40% more energy efficient compared to the minimum threshold of energy efficiency class A (53kWh for 11kg models). Energy ratings and 40% saving tested with Eco 40-60 program

[2] Applicable models only (WW11DB8******, WW11DB7******)

[3] Applicable models only (WW**DB8******, WW**DB7******)

[4] Based on internal testing using the Cotton cycle on a WW7400D model with Bubble Shot compared to a conventional Samsung washing machine without Bubble Shot. Results may vary depending on the type of laundry and the usage environment. Bubble Shot is selectable for Cotton, Super Speed, Eco drum clean+, eco 40-60 cycles.

[5] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

[6] Can be applied when the selected washing temperature is 20~40°C. Based on internal testing on the WW11BB944AGB model on a Cotton 40 degrees wash with the AI Energy Mode turned on compared to not using AI Energy Mode.

[7] AI Ecobubble™ is only activated when specific courses are selected, including Cotton, Synthetics and AI Wash with loads less than 2kg.

[8] Applicable models only (WW**DB8*9***, WW**DB7*9***). This function is only available when using certain detergents and softeners registered on SmartThings database (as of December 2023).

[9] Applicable models only (WW**DB8*9***, WW**DB7*9***, WW**DB7*3***). The user will be solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result, including but not limited to any damage or harm caused by incorrect information provided by the user.

[10] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required.

[11] Stores user data, preferences and usage patterns to suggest the most useful options.

[12] The user will be solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result, including but not limited to any damage or harm caused by incorrect information provided by the user.

[13] This function is only available when using certain detergents and softeners registered on SmartThings database (as of December 2023).

[14] Based on using Super Speed at the default settings with a 5kg load.

[15] This may be optional according to the country.

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