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The 5-Minute Fix from Samsung Care: A Holiday-Ready Oven to Make Cooking a Hit


The holiday season is here, and it’s time to talk turkey.

A staggering 46 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving and another 22 million are enjoyed at Christmas, according to the National Turkey Federation. Ovensplay an indispensable role but an undercooked bird can be the biggest cooking stressors during the holidays.

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of house calls we make on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas because people are frantic that their oven is broken,” said Nick Webert, Senior Director of Care Field Service Operation, for Samsung. “Cooking a holiday feast is a high stress event, and caring for the oven is usually overlooked as part of the prep. Good news is there’s still time to get your oven ready to make your holiday cooking a hit.

In the latest installment of our Care Advice Column, Nick and the experts in Samsung Care answer some common questions we receive on these holiday house calls. Their simple and effective steps will help you maintain and care for your oven as the holidays heat up.

How often should an oven be cleaned? What is the best way to clean?

The 5-Minute Fix: If you’re wondering whether you should line your oven with foil or a liner to avoid spills or splatters…DON’T. Using foil or liners could result in poor heat distribution, produce subpar baking results, and even cause permanent damage to the oven interior. Here’s how you can give it a deep clean without harsh chemicals.

After you’re finished cooking and the oven has cooled down a bit, spray the inside with a solution of baking soda and vinegar or 3:1 water to white vinegar mixture. Allow it to sit for a few minutes (15-20 minutes is actually ideal, but tough jobs may need longer). When the inside of the oven is cool to the touch, wipe away the solution and dissolved food with a damp towel.

For When You Have More Time: Make use of the self-clean feature at least every three months. If you cook more frequently,consider running the cycle once a month for better results. It’s essential to refer to your user manual to understand your model’s self-clean feature capabilities.

And don’t forget, cleaning behind your oven is just as important. Lint, dust, and food debris can slow airflow and ventilation behind your appliance.

How can I address un-even cooking?

The 5-Minute Fix: If the family recipe you’ve cooked a hundred times is coming out unevenly done, here’s the first thing I do: Check that the oven rack is level and square. Sounds simple, but it can get jostled around especially if you’ve just done a deep clean. It should be level both from front to back and from left to right.

Second, if your oven provides the option, select convection bake instead of the general bake setting. Convection baking ensures even airflow within your oven cavity, resulting in a better bake. Lastly, resist the urge to open the oven door frequently. Each time the door is opened while your food is cooking, the oven’s temperature drops by roughly 30 degrees.

For When You Have More Time: Check if your oven is heating to the temperature you’ve selected. If it’s not, your oven isn’t necessarily broken, but it may require calibration. Different oven models can be calibrated plus or minus several degrees due to variations in the environments where ovens are placed. You may not know this, but water will boil quicker in Colorado than in New York, due to the altitude. It can be similar with ovens. Reference your model’s user manual to learn more. For instance, if you need your oven to reach 375 degrees but your thermometer reads 365, adjust your calibration by adding 10 degrees.

How can I avoid a raw holiday turkey or ham this year?

The 5-Minute Fix: If you’re planning to host this holiday season, don’t be among the 2% of people who only use their oven once a year1 or use it exclusively during special occasions! Test out your holiday menu in advance and share the results with your friends and family, so you can perfect it before the important day arrives.

Also, don’t overcrowd your oven! Leave about 1 ½ to 2 inches of space around your turkey or ham, including the pan and the oven walls. Keep in mind that the bottom or lowest oven rack is ideal for roasting larger cuts of meat or whole turkeys. These thicker cuts can also be cooked at higher temperatures at the bottom of the oven, which can reduce cooking times.

For avoiding a raw turkey or ham, consider prepping sides the day before and reheating them up while the meat rests, since the oven is already hot and ready.

@samsungus Tips for maintaining and cleaning your oven so you’re ready for holiday cooking!! 🍗 Whether it’s your first time cooking or your 100th, learn more about getting your oven holiday ready in our latest “The 5-Minute Fix” article. Need a hand? Samsung Care can help with maintenance and repair anytime, anywhere. #SamsungCare #holidaycooking #kitchentips ♬ 1901 – Instrumental – Phoenix

Check back next month for more quick fixes on how to prepare your devices for e-waste recycling from our trusted Samsung Care team!

Nick Webert is the senior director of Care Field Service Operations for the Customer Care Division at Samsung Electronics America and has nearly 30 years of experience in the customer service industry. Nick and his team are committed to ensuring the highest levels of care for Samsung customers across the country. Samsung ranked #1 in service experience for Home Appliances in the 2023 American Customer Service Index.
1 According to an October 2023 survey of 2,199 U.S. adults, aged 18+, conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Samsung.

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