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American Families are Celebrating Home with Samsung Appliances


By John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America

While it’s been difficult for so many people, this unique time has enabled us to slow down and focus on our families. This period has also shown us how important our homes are, and changed the way we live in them.

We’re cooking at a scale not seen in more than five decades1 and 71% of us are trying new recipes.2 We’re cleaning more, running our dishwashers more, and doing a lot more laundry—in fact, 3 in 10 Americans would rather give up coffee than give up their washing machines.3 And 70% of us are taking on home improvement projects.4

These changes in the way we’re spending our time at home—and what we’re expecting from our appliances—are changing the category.

We’ve seen a steep increase in demand, especially for certain appliances. For instance, as people limit their trips to the grocery store and stock up more, sales of second refrigerators increased. And as people cook more, they are looking for appliances that can save them time in the kitchen and simplify meal prep.

People are also increasingly comfortable purchasing their appliances online. And as they use their appliances more, they’re replacing them sooner than they used to.

When they’re looking for a new appliance, the first thing that most consumers consider is functionality. And many of them know that Samsung appliances offer powerful, reliable, and, often, industry-leading performance. This year, we were honored to win more J.D. Power Awards than any other manufacturer. We ranked highest in customer satisfaction in 8 out of 11 kitchen and laundry segments.

Next, consumers consider an appliance’s style. At Samsung, we’ve set bold new trends by introducing elegant colors and finishes like Tuscan Stainless that help people personalize their living space.

And finally, people are discovering innovations that inspire. From a refrigerator that suggests recipes to a range that knows your preheat settings, Samsung has completely changed what’s possible for—and what people have come to expect from—their appliances.

We’re proud that our appliances are inspiring consumers find more meaning in their homes, inspiring them with what’s possible, and enabling them to do more of what they love.

[2] Samsung Home Appliance CSMI GenPop Omnibus Survey, August 2020
[3] Samsung Home Appliance CSMI GenPop Omnibus Survey, August 2020

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