Today at the 2020 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC), Samsung Electronics America, Inc. highlighted their dedication to offering hospitality partners a suite of innovative products and solutions that improve communication with guests, are adaptable based on use, deliver real-time content across multiple platforms, enhance safety and social-distancing protocols, keep sensitive information secure and more.

Samsung Highlights the Importance of Partnerships when Helping Hotels get Back to Business at HITEC 2020

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The company also announced its partnership with Pineapple Hospitality and Catapult Tech® – showcasing how the technology LYNK Cloud is being piloted at The Maxwell Hotel in Seattle to offer a next generation guest experience.

“As we continue to navigate how the hotel industry is evolving in the current climate, we have been hard at work to ensure that Samsung products help meet their immediate communication and safety needs,” says Jonas Tanenbaum, Vice President, Hospitality and Healthcare Technology, Samsung. “With partners like Pineapple Hospitality and Catapult Tech we think of the full guest experience, from the moment they arrive on property until they check out.

Pineapple Hospitality worked with Samsung to pilot LYNK Cloud, the brand-new guest room entertainment and content management platform at The Maxwell Hotel in Seattle. This comprehensive, cloud-based solution uses analytics to tailor the in-room displays for each guests’ preferences, serving as a digital concierge, and allows hotel managers to activate real-time targeted messages with ease. And with the installation of the customized set-top box manufactured by Catapult Tech, a cloud-based platform and hardware manufacturer, LYNK Cloud can be connected to a multitude of endless hospitality televisions of every make and model.

Samsung Highlights the Importance of Partnerships when Helping Hotels get Back to Business at HITEC 2020

(Photo Credit: Global Image Creation)

“As a boutique hotel we value delivering a unique guest experience, without sacrificing technical advancements, and Samsung understood that,” says David Thomson, Chief Information Officer, Pineapple Hospitality. “With the capability of LYNK Cloud and flexibility of Catapult, Samsung delivered us a tailored offering to better our guest experience.”

“In collaboration with Samsung, together we are bringing the power of innovation and flexible solutions on any infrastructure on any commercial display brand, to our hotel customers,” says Kris Singleton, Chief Information Officer, Catapult Technologies.

Samsung is looking forward to 2021 and is committed to the hospitality industry. Delivering the complete range of revitalization programs to innovative technology and solutions while partnering with the best in class partners will play a critical role in the future.

Revitalization Programs

To help hoteliers get back to business, Samsung is offering a host of programs. From competitive pricing and enhanced promotions to options for credit towards installation services, Samsung is working to offer the best deals for their partners.

Fully Digital Signage Portfolio

Samsung offers a complete range of signage products from outdoor digital billboards, information displays, wayfinding, outdoor televisions and in-room hospitality televisions and solutions. Accelerated by COVID-19, hotels are looking to smart, digital signage and contactless solutions to connect with customers and deliver five-star quality. Samsung designed a full portfolio of temperature sensing and hand sanitizing solutions so guests are informed and feel safe during their stay.

LYNK Cloud

Samsung LYNK Cloud

For those looking for the next best thing in guestroom technology, look no further than Samsung’s LYNK Cloud. Samsung’s newest cloud-based platform allows for customizable content, remote device management and access to OTT entertainment. Further, built-in analytics tools and room request platform for guest services allow for real-time ROI and monetization of the platform.

Product Innovation

Whether you’re in the lobby, the penthouse suite or any floor in between, Samsung’s 4K Smart TVs are equipped with the Tizen operating system to keep all data secure. Moreover, the Catapult SBB allows for cost effective, consistent extension of Samsung Solutions across a hotel groups portfolio of properties. 

Upcoming Virtual Experiences with Samsung

To address the needs of companies as they get back to business, Samsung Display Division Vice President and General Manager Jonas Tanenbaum, Fred Crespo and Pineapple Hospitality will host “Introducing LYNK Cloud” at Virtual HITEC 2020. Attendees can hear directly from Samsung Executives about the latest display innovations.

Use the link here to view the Samsung HITEC presentation.

For more information on Samsung’s hospitality products and solutions, please visit the Samsung website.

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