10.28.20 / Product

Samsung Introduces LYNK Cloud at HITEC 2020

At the 2020 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC), Samsung executives Jonas Tanenbaum and Fred Crespo highlight innovative partnerships and optimized solutions that are helping hotels get back to business and improving the all guest experience.

Samsung announces partnerships with Pineapple Hospitality and Catapult Tech and speaks with Pineapple Hospitality’s CIO David Thomson on piloting LYNK Cloud at The Maxwell Hotel in Seattle. LYNK Cloud allows for customizable content, remote device management and access to OTT entertainment, and with a customized set-top box manufactured by Catapult Tech, hoteliers can connect the platform to any new or existing hospitality televisions.

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The presentation also showcases Samsung’s dedication to offering hospitality partners revitalization programs such as competitive pricing and enhanced promotions so they take advantage of a full digital signage portfolio that: improve communication with guests, are adaptable based on use, deliver real-time content across multiple platforms, enhance safety and social-distancing protocols, keep sensitive information secure and more.

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