01.21.22 / Product

A Deeper Dive into the Creation of Samsung 837X

Samsung 837X launched earlier this month and gave guests access to a groundbreaking digital experience connecting technology with art, music, fashion and sustainability. This blockchain-powered metaverse was adapted from the physical Samsung flagship location in New York City’s Meatpacking District as a way for fans to explore the endless possibilities of Samsung technology. As one of the largest brand takeovers in Decentraland to date, guests can embark on quests to earn exclusive NFT badges and unique wearables, all while immersed in the company’s pillars of connectivity, creativity and sustainability.

Following the widespread excitement after opening these virtual doors, we sat down with some of our partners to take a deeper dive into the making of this metaverse. Brian Brown, Senior Group Creative Director at Razorfish, Christopher Neff, VP of Creative Tech & Innovation at the community and Keith Soljacich, Head of Innovation at Publicis Media, gave a behind-the-scenes look into the inspiration and creation behind Samsung 837X. Check out the video below for what they had to say and some insight into what’s next for the company.

To learn more about Samsung’s 837X Metaverse and how to access the company’s digital world, visit here: www.samsung.com/us/explore/metaverse-837x/.


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