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An Important Magician Software Update for Samsung SSD Users


Version 6.1 of Samsung’s Magician software is now available to download. Samsung Magician is the service used to optimize Samsung solid state drives (SSDs), helping users to monitor drive health, manage and protect data, and maximize performance. We consider it an essential service for keeping drives running smoothly and securely.


Downloading or upgrading to Samsung Magician software version 6.1 is easy and free.

Support for older versions of Samsung Magician will end by Saturday, May 30, 2020. As such, Samsung recommends users update to version 6.1 at their earliest possible convenience. It’s free and easy to do. Magician users can follow these simple download guidelines for the best PC user experience:

  • Magician versions above 5.1: Users will receive a push notification to download the new version. Please click to install. Alternatively, users can open Magician software, select “Drive Details,” and click “Update” under firmware.
  • Magician versions 5.1 or below: Users will not receive an upgrade push notification and should re-download Magician software with version 6.1.
  • For users not using Magician software yet, visit to download version 6.1.

To note:

  • An internet connection is required to download Magician software.
  • Older versions of Samsung Magician will be erased when the new Samsung Magician is installed.
  • This Installation Guide details the system requirements and download process.
  • Magician version 6.1 is backward compatible with all Samsung consumer SSDs, from the 470 Series to the latest 970 EVO Plus. Version 6.1 also provides limited features for other storage devices including other SSDs, hard disk drives, and portable SSDs.

Samsung constantly works towards not only hardware advancements but also software improvements for better user experiences. Since 2012, when Magician was first introduced in the market, it has been improved upon with five major updates.


Samsung Magician software maintains your drive’s health and boosts performance.

The advantage of Samsung Magician’s intuitive user interface is that it makes the full potential of Samsung SSDs easier to unlock than ever before. It puts an advanced suite of tools at SSD owners’ fingertips to manage data, ensures write and read speeds are optimized, and sets up security features to protect data. Users will be visually informed of various items such as drive health through graphs and charts, and will also be provided with simple prompts to optimize their drives’ performance and reliability. SSD users can see how much additional storage is available on each drive with colorful bar graphs so it is clear how much more drone footage or video games can be stored on the drive.

Samsung Care support agents are ready to assist with any customer questions at 1-800-SAMSUNG.


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