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Making 5G Possible Through International Standards Collaboration

Fifth-generation mobile telecommunications technology (5G) is a step away from revolutionizing how companies do business and how consumers experience everything on the Internet. As the next generation of mobile telecom infrastructure nears broad implementation, technology companies, including Samsung, have been hard at work collaborating on crafting global standards that will guide the formation of 5G infrastructure around the world.

As a result of its participation in the 500-member 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which is the largest standards body and in charge of coordinating manufacturers and organizations to develop 5G standards, Samsung Electronics has published the white paper Who & How: Making 5G NR Standards, which raises the curtain on critical industry guideposts just as they are being built.

“Samsung has been leading 5G standardization for years, and we are committed to supporting the commercial potential of 5G in Korea, the U.S., Japan and the other 5G leading countries at the center of the change,” said Woojune Kim, Senior Vice President of Sales at Samsung’s Network Division.

3GPP, which has overseen standards for previous generations of mobile telecoms technology, recently announced details about the first standards for 5G, which were codified earlier this month at the organization’s general assembly in San Diego, California. The final rules will launch in December 2019 and cover improvements to mobile broadband.

Samsung’s white paper provides a straightforward overview of 5G mobile communication technology, defines its standards and the reasoning behind them, and offers insight into the complex work that has gone into establishing foundational standards for the next generation of mobile communication.

The paper also explains millimeter-wave technology and the new radio frequencies that 5G requires, and provides exclusive insight from Samsung’s 5G standards experts immersed in the initiative to unify standards across the globe.

The white paper, Who & How: Making 5G NR Standards, is available for download at the Samsung Electronics Network Division homepage www.samsungnetworks.com.

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