Plans Aggressive Outreach to Help End Users More Readily Associate “Samsung OLED” with Unmatched, Cutting-edge Display Excellence


Samsung Display, the world’s leading producer of electronic image displays, said today that it is initiating a far-reaching product branding campaign to familiarize more consumers with its OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display panels. Samsung Display Chief Executive Officer Joo Sun Choi said today that Samsung Display’s OLED products will carry a new brand name and logo in 27 countries to more clearly differentiate its visual and technological excellence.

“We are introducing our first OLED logo to better showcase our unparalleled technical expertise in the OLED market as it enters its maturity stage,” explained Jeeho Baek, Executive Vice President and Head of the Mobile Display Sales, Marketing & Product Planning Office at Samsung Display. “Moving forward, we intend to aggressively position Samsung OLED technology across promising market sectors that take us well beyond smartphones including the laptop and notebook IT, automotive, and gaming console segments.”

With the launch of the ‘Samsung OLED’ brand and ‘OLED Provided by Samsung’ logo this week, Samsung Display will begin to fortify consumer recognition of its OLED display technology to achieve household name recall as it enters its 14th year of OLED production.


The logo’s new rectangular white frame, black lettering and richly colored window of red, green and blue embody the company’s vision to create ‘displays’ that connect people through vibrant ‘windows’. Further, the window’s rounded corners and folding-like colors symbolize the scalability of OLED designs.

Samsung Display plans to engage in marketing partnerships with leading global customers to underscore the brand’s competitiveness and make the new logo much more recognizable among consumers. As part of this effort, the company recently filed for logo trademark protection in the United States, United Kingdom, the countries of the European Union, China, India Japan, Korea, and other nations.