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Samsung Fans to Create a Next-Level NFT Mosaic During Samsung’s 837/NEXT


Today, Samsung is kicking off 837/NEXT, a series of thought-provoking events, interactive sessions and celebrations for members of the Web3 community – both IRL and in the metaverse. And in true Samsung fashion, we’re raising the bar for customization and innovation by introducing a next-level, new experience to activate our communities across Samsung 837X in Decentraland, Samsung 837 in New York City and the Samsung US server in Discord.

Samsung 837/NEXT Mosaic

Beginning at 8:37 AM EDT today, Samsung fans will cultivate a massive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) masterpiece created across channels in partnership with Nouns, an open-source generative art project designed to improve on-chain avatar communities. Participants will express themselves through their custom Noun avatars, made up of a background, body, accessories, head and glasses, that will be the building blocks of the larger NFT mosaic.

To create this masterpiece representing our multiverse community, Samsung is partnering with So Youn Lee, a Korean contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, whose work is known for its “ethereal, dream-like aesthetic with explosions of colors and random textures.”

Throughout Samsung’s 837/NEXT, artists, creators and emerging technology innovators will be able to customize their Nouns avatars, which will feed into the final art mosaic. Guests at Samsung 837X will emote to create their Nouns, while visitors at 837 can use on-site Galaxy products to contribute —all for the chance to win rare 837/NEXT wearables. Guests coming from Discord to 837X will also have a chance to win special prizes.

Contributors will have a chance to own the finished NFT mosaic, as well as a Samsung 837/NEXT participation badge. A few lucky winners will be able to show-off ultra-rare prizes – with 10,000 participants receiving a pair of Nouns glasses, 10 winning an 837/NEXT artist’s jumpsuit wearable and only one winner receiving the ultra-rare Golden Glasses.

We can’t wait to see how you harness the possibilities to make your mark on our NFT mosaic! See you in the multiverse or at Samsung 837 during Samsung 837/NEXT!

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