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Celebrate Earth Month in Samsung 837X

Talking Points

  • Samsung is continuing to bring people together in the metaverse with an exciting new update at Samsung 837X.
  • On Friday, April 29 at 8:37 PM EDT, 837X visitors can soar through the sky on hot air balloons with an all-new sustainability focused-quest and the chance to win an ultra-rare wearable.
  • The quest is followed by an exclusive live-streamed performance from AY Young on April 30 as part of his “Battery Tour,” powered by 100% renewable energy.

Samsung is taking its sustainability story to the skies and whisking guests off their feet in celebration of its Earth Month in Samsung 837X.

Kicking off on April 29 at 8:37 PM EDT, visitors in Samsung 837X will be greeted with an all-new sustainability-focused quest and the chance to win an ultra-rare Earth Month wearable. Upon entering this digital world, users will be asked to ride four hot air balloons, each showcasing Samsung’s environmental progress with the opportunity to earn different sustainability badges.

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After soaring through the sky and hopping from balloon to balloon, users will return to the 837X roof and receive a badge entering them in an exciting wearable raffle. Guests can continue exploring the external space of Samsung’s metaverse and learn about the company’s sustainability initiatives for an additional chance to claim one of the 10 epic collection exclusive Earth Month wearables being raffled alongside 100 tree wearables.


After completing the great sustainability journey, guests are invited to a celebration on April 30 beginning at 6:00 PM EDT. AY Young, musician, entertainer, and United Nations advocate for global energy sustainability, will take the stage at the flagship Samsung 837 stage in New York City and be exclusively streamed to Samsung 837X for fans to enjoy. The concert is a part of AY’s Battery Tour, powered by 100% renewable energy and designed to positively impact communities and build a better, more sustainable future together.

Learn more about Samsung 837X and become part of our metaverse community here.

We can’t wait to celebrate Earth Day, every day. See you there!

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