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Samsung and Marimekko Join Forces for a Limited Edition Collaboration Featuring Unikko and Other Iconic Prints for The Frame and Stylish Lifestyle Accessories

In a brand-new collaboration, Samsung and Finnish lifestyle company Marimekko launch a series of over 40 Marimekko artworks for The Frame and a limited-edition collection of Samsung lifestyle accessories featuring Marimekko’s iconic Unikko prints.


Samsung, a global technology leader, and Marimekko, the esteemed Finnish design house will launch a limited-edition collaboration combining Marimekko’s joyful lifestyle philosophy and art of printmaking with Samsung’s innovative design to inspire the world. This collaboration introduces over 40 Marimekko’s designs that will be available as artworks on Samsung Art Store for The Frame from February 1, 2024. Later in the year, Samsung will also introduce a catalog of limited-edition accessories to Samsung’s already existing broad library of Samsung Galaxy products featuring the iconic Unikko floral print, which celebrates its 60th anniversary.

“We at Marimekko have always appreciated beautiful and joyful everyday life. We are excited about our new collaboration with Samsung as it brings our bold patterns available as accessories and everyday art to new audiences. In this collaboration with Samsung, we are particularly happy to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Unikko,” says Sanna-Kaisa Niikko, Chief Marketing Officer of Marimekko.

Samsung Art Store and Marimekko: Where Art Meets Innovation

Samsung’s commitment to innovation takes a stylish turn with the limited-edition collaboration that brings Marimekko’s timeless prints to The Frame. The collection will feature a carefully curated library of 30 Marimekko designs and 3 seasonal collections of 12 prints rotating throughout the year that will allow users to transform their TV into a captivating work of art that is relevant to each season of the year.

The collection will offer Samsung Art Store subscribers a generous amount of iconic art prints from Maija Isola, the designer that created over 500 patterns for Marimekko, and the famous Unikko flower pattern; Fujiwo Ishimoto, an award-winning Japanese designer that worked with the brand since the 70s; Katsuji Wakisaka, a well-known artist, known for his organic shapes and bold colors; Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi, celebrated for her functional and timeless designs; and Maija Louekari, designer combining narrative line drawing with skillful use of powerful color surfaces.

“Samsung is proud to introduce the first ever addition of a Finnish design house to the Samsung Art Store collection,” says Sofia Monteiro, European Product Manager for Samsung Art Store. “Our vision with this partnership is to bring timeless design directly to our users, enabling them to personalize their living spaces with a touch of Finnish creativity. The collection was carefully selected to bring iconic design to our users’ homes with tasteful timeless prints and continue bringing value to our appreciated users.”

The artworks will be hosted on Samsung Art Store, a subscription service exclusively available on The Frame that allows users to browse and set from a catalogue of over 2,500 artworks from the world’s most renowned museums, galleries, as well as design companies, now including iconic Marimekko designs.

Samsung Lifestyle Accessories: The iconic Unikko print meet everyday accessories

Samsung has long focused on the combination of playful colors, innovative design and creativity with its products such as the pioneering Flip and Fold models. This year, Samsung will take the design focus to the next level and broaden its lifestyle range through this limited-edition collaboration with Marimekko.

In this limited-edition collaboration, an assortment of lifestyle accessories such as: phone covers, Galaxy Buds cases and watch wristbands will undergo a vibrant transformation with the iconic Unikko print. This collaboration will empower Samsung users to infuse their everyday lives with personalized style and color, catering to not only design-oriented users but also training enthusiasts as this collection features a wide range of accessories ensuring versatility and appeal for users with diverse interests.

“Samsung is proud to collaborate with the long-standing Finnish design house Marimekko,” says Oscar Nöjd, Head of Sales Innovation, Mobile, Samsung Electronics Nordic AB. “This partnership will enable our users to enjoy fun, world-renowned Finnish design with their everyday lifestyle accessories, from phone cases to watch straps and more. This partnership will enrich our accessories catalog and give our Nordic Samsung users a chance for self-expression and enjoyment from iconic and limited-edition pieces.”

The limited-edition lifestyle accessories collection will be available from March 2024 at Samsung’s e-retailers and retailers in selected markets, starting from Nordic markets.

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