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Samsung Art Store Celebrates Female Artists in Honor of Women’s History Month

Saya Woolfalk, Shinique Smith and K’era Morgan, Showcased on The Frame, Samsung’s Award-Winning Lifestyle TV

Take a trip to the Whitney, LACMA, or the Seattle Art Museum, and you may see works by celebrated artists like Saya Woolfalk, Shinique Smith and K’era Morgan. These dynamic women are known for their unique approaches to art, which incorporates elements of the artist’s personal heritage and identity.

To celebrate their talents and honor the many female artists who have broken boundaries in fine art, Samsung Electronics has curated works by Woolfalk, Smith, Morgan and other dynamic artists in the Samsung Art Store.

The Art Store – home to thousands of pieces of digital art from museums and creators across the globe – is the largest digital platform of its kind, available to users of The Frame TV  in 42 countries.


The featured collection brings their works to homes through The Frame – the picture frame-like TV from Samsung – and highlights the importance of visibility in art spanning gender, race, culture, ability, form, and style.

Featured Artists

Saya Woolfalk, a New York-based artist, uses science fiction and fantasy to re-imagine the world in multiple dimensions. Born in Gifu City, Japan to a mixed-race family marrying Asian and African American heritage, Woolfalk’s background informs colorful, multidisciplinary work centered on a fictional race of women.

With installation, sculpture, drawing, performance, and digital mediums, Woolfalk explores the future of racial and cultural cross-pollination and questions the utopian possibilities of cultural hybridity. Her colorful, multidisciplinary works have been collected by prestigious institutions such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Seattle Art Museum, and the Ford Foundation.

Samsung Art Store Learn More


Shinique Smith is a multidisciplinary artist from Baltimore, now based in Los Angeles. Her work spans painting, sculpture, video, photography, installation, and performance.

Artist Shinique Smith

Smith explores transformation and ritual through materials like fabric, clothing, and personal belongings, creating totemic works that serve as containers at the intersection of consumption, displacement, and spiritual sanctuary. Her work has been exhibited in prestigious institutions such as the Whitney Museum, LACMA, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Artist K’era Morgan

K’era Morgan comes from a textile design background and creates tactile, collaged paintings by hand – weaving together fragments from the world without the aid of digital and hi-tech tools. Her collaged paintings include found paper sourced from magazines, newspapers, and books, as well as hand-painted paper and her own mark-making.

Through Samsung’s Art Store, viewers can access a wide range of art, including contemporary and classic works, seasonal selections, and works from the world’s most renowned artists, museums, and industry tastemakers, including The Louvre Collection, photography by Cody Cobb, and much more. The Frame, Samsung’s award-winning lifestyle TV, brings the Art Store to life in 4K, providing the best platform on the market for artists to display their work.

  • Artwork by Shinique Smith
  • Artwork by Saya Woolfalk
  • Baby You’re Electric (2022) by K'era Morgan

This curated collection, which spotlights these innovative female artists in the Samsung Art Store, marks the first of many aimed at highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in art.

To learn more about the Samsung Art Store and The Frame, visit https://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/tvs/the-frame/digital-art-store/.

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