RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – May 17, 2018 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced that it has been named an Environmental Leader 2018 Project of the Year Award winner for its Galaxy Upcycling program. The award honors the program’s innovative and environmentally responsible way to use a product’s materials throughout its entire life cycle.

The Samsung Galaxy Upcycling program allows Galaxy phone owners to retrofit the hardware and software of antiquated, used Galaxy phones into new technology products such as closed circuit TVs, gaming consoles, and IoT devices. The program puts the tools for transforming devices into new technology in consumers’ hands by providing them with the necessary software changes and suggested hardware changes that enable new functionality. The program was created from the company’s innovation hub, C-Lab, and will launch in 2018.

“The Galaxy Upcycling program provides an innovative and environmentally responsible approach to consumers who want to repurpose their existing technology to have new and differentiated functionality,” said Michael Lawder, Senior Vice President of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America. “We’re honored to receive this award for our Galaxy Upcycling program and for our continuous efforts in sustainability throughout the product lifecycle.”

This is the second time in 2018 that the Galaxy Upcycling program has been recognized in the U.S. for its innovative re-use and recycling efforts. In January, the Galaxy Upcycling program received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Cutting Edge Champion Award.

The Environmental Leader Awards recognizes companies that provide innovative technology and solutions to sustainability and environmental problems. In addition, Dr. Dochul Choi, Senior Vice President of R&D at Samsung Electronics America, was honored as a Top 75 2018 Environmental Leader for his efforts in driving sustainability management. The awards were presented yesterday in Denver, CO at a ceremony during the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference.

More information about Samsung’s sustainability initiatives can be found at https://news.samsung.com/us/sustainability/.