It’s time again to enter the world of Galaxy. To connect users with its latest devices, Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest Galaxy Experience Space at 111 Powell Street in San Francisco on February 1, 2023, alongside Galaxy Unpacked 2023.

Galaxy Experience Space visitors, including media and influencers, got an exciting first look at the latest Galaxy innovations through immersive and interactive exhibits. Whether it was getting behind the lens of Galaxy’s latest camera system, testing the potential of Galaxy’s connected experience or learning about Samsung’s efforts towards a sustainable future, each visitor had an epic experience they’ll never forget.

To experience Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S23 series and Galaxy Book3 series in person, be sure to visit the Galaxy Experience Space from February 1 – 25, 2023. Check out some of the photos and visitor highlights from the event below.

▲ Anyone can visit the Galaxy Experience Space at 111 Powell Street in San Francisco for three weeks after Galaxy Unpacked 2023.

▲ Galaxy fans are welcomed as they Galaxy Experience Space, eager to get their hands on the latest products.

Share the Epic: Welcome to a World of Galaxy

On the first floor of the experience hall, visitors were greeted by a display of digital signage in the middle, surrounded by a modern and clean exhibition filled to the brim with Galaxy innovation. Like a contemporary art exhibit, the space was decorated with an array of past generations of Galaxy smartphones. The exhibition space was themed around eco-conscious innovation, highlighting Samsung’s sustainable efforts toward building the foundation for a better tomorrow.

▲Upon entering the Share the Epic zone on the first floor of the Galaxy Experience Space, visitors were greeted by an exciting Galaxy S23 series introduction video.

▲ In the Share the Epic zone, visitors learn more about Samsung’s vision for sustainability and the eco-conscious materials used in the Galaxy S23 series.

The exhibition showcased each of the recycled materials used for various parts of the Galaxy S23 series and how they were integrated into the final product, so visitors could understand how Samsung is shaping a more sustainable future through eco-conscious innovations.

“I think it’s extremely important for a company like Samsung, with the size of Samsung, to take care and be worried about sustainability,” said Bruno Martinez, chief editor at Showmetech in Brazil. “So, it’s really good to see the company doing that and taking firm steps all over the place. You can see this here with the Galaxy S23 line and the packaging.”

▲Bruno Martinez, chief editor at Showmetech in Brazil, praises the Galaxy S23 series’ use of recycled materials at the Sustainability Zone in the Galaxy Experience Space.

The Share the Epic experience zone had a space where visitors could view the four color options for the Galaxy S23 series and available accessories. Across Green, Lavender, Cream and Phantom Black, all visitors could find a shade that resonated with their unique style. The section also held a service center where visitors could get their questions answered and a space where they could enter giveaway contests.

▲Visitors get hands-on with the four new colors of the Galaxy S23 series, including Lavender, Green, Cream and Phantom Black.

▲ Visitors could DIY their very own smartphone accessories made from recycled plastic.

Capture the Epic: Stunning Shots, Day or Night With Galaxy S23 Series

Visitors were over the moon with excitement for Galaxy’s S23 camera demonstration on the second floor of the Galaxy Experience Space. Snapping a larger-than-life astronaut and a dynamic interstellar background, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera captured every photo with mind-blowing detail and ultra-high resolution.

▲In the Capture the Epic Zone of the Galaxy Experience Space, visitors could record a video as if they were in zero gravity by rotating the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

▲ Visitors shoot the stars, down to the smallest pixel, with the high-resolution power of Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera.

▲The highly-anticipated S23 series drew a crowd to the Capture the Epic zone as a promoter explained the features and functions.

▲With the enhanced Nightography feature, visitors can glow in their selfies as brightly and vividly as the Seoul city lights at night.

With Samsung portrait studio, visitors could treat themselves and their friends to an impromptu photoshoot. The stunning shots were displayed on the walls of the Samsung Portrait Gallery, so every snapshot became a literal work of art.

▲Visitors can strike a pose in the Portrait Studio zone as the Galaxy S23 Ulta captures their image and then view their photos in the Samsung Portrait Gallery.

Visitors also had to option to don their favorite goofy accessory and hit up the Galaxy Photo Booth, which used the Galaxy S23 Ultra to capture and customize the moment with friends.

▲In the Share the Epic zone, friends could capture the moment with the Galaxy S23 Ultra and then decorate their images to take home, all thanks to the Galaxy Photo Booth.

The Galaxy Experience Space also brought Seoul’s vibrant, neon nightlife to San Francisco. Visitors captured striking photos and video at night like never before with the Galaxy S23 series’ improved Nightography. This was a favorite feature of numerous Galaxy Experience Space visitors, including Bruno Rosa, a journalist at O Globo in Rio, Brazil.

“Nightography is a very interesting and useful feature, especially for better pictures in dark areas,” said Bruno. “Not only if you take a classical picture, but if you take a selfie, you know, it’s very interesting for the customers.”

▲ Tech journalist Bruno Rosa from O Globo takes a striking selfie in the Nightography zone with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Nightography is only one of many enhanced camera capabilities on the Galaxy S23 series, which also includes clear and stable video shooting and enhanced selfies.

“I look forward to the camera experience on the new Galaxy S23 Ultra because the 200MP camera capacity on the phone cameras was cool and interesting,” Bruno added.

“The camera is one of the most important features on smartphones today, so I consider that to be a critical part of video editing. I can crop and adjust videos on my Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is hard to do on any other smartphone.”

Play the Epic: Next-Level Gaming With Galaxy S23 Ultra

Under the bright neon lights, the gaming zone between the first and second floors felt like the visitors were competing in an intense esports tournament. While at the Galaxy Experience Space, visitors participated in racing games and experienced the improved gaming performance of the Galaxy S23 series firsthand. With a powerful chipset, intelligent display and improved battery, the Galaxy S23 series brought gaming experiences to the next level.

▲ Visitors test out the powerful performance of the S23 Ultra with a high-intensity racing game.

“I saw an influencer play the racing game on his smartphone, and the screen seemed really fast and smooth,” said Alzbeta Gavendova, a video tech journalist from Slovakia at Mafra Slovakia. “I saw the gamer after he tested the products, and he said that the experience was fun, enjoyable and pleasant.”

▲ Alzbeta Gavendova, a Slovakian video tech journalist from Mafra Slovakia, a.s., plays a racing game in the Play the Epic zone.

Create the Epic: Expanding the Galaxy Ecosystem Through Connectivity

At Galaxy Unpacked 2023, Samsung brought the power of Ultra to its lineup of Galaxy Books with the release of the new Galaxy Book3 Series. The Galaxy Book3 Ultra is the most powerful Galaxy Book ever, supercharged with seamless connected experiences within the Galaxy ecosystem, including the new Galaxy S23 series. Visitors could also try out upgraded connectivity features, such as Samsung Multi Control and Quick Share.

▲The Display at the Create the Epic Zone entrance illustrates how it’s easy to transfer files and images with intuitive phone-to-PC connectivity.

▲In the Create the Epic Zone, visitors eagerly experience the Galaxy Book3 series along with Galaxy phone-to-PC connectivity.

▲The new Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display, first introduced in the Galaxy Book3 series, brings onscreen colors and details to life. The 16:10 ratio, 3K resolution (2,880 x 1,800) and 120 Hz refresh rate of the Galaxy Book3 Ultra supports vivid colors and a high-quality display.

▲ The Galaxy Book 3 Pro received the “Eye Care Display” blue light reduction certification. The old model, seen on the left, emits harmful blue light, as shown on the tablet. On the right, the tablet appears black because blue light is not emitted.

Within the Create the Epic section, visitors were instantly transported into a classy and contemporary office. Creatives and working professionals could experience how the Galaxy Book3 series brought their imagination to life – whether they’re editing videos, live streaming or creating complex 3D renderings. With a large, clear display and slim, lightweight design, anyone can take productivity on the go.

SmartThings: Your Technology, Your Way

Taking a tour of the SmartThings Zone revealed to visitors how their daily routine could be streamlined through SmartThings connectivity across their home appliances, including TVs, monitors, air purifiers and robot vacuum cleaners. The space, which resembled a modern living room, connected users to an ecosystem of smarter living solutions that allowed users to spend less time on chores and more time on the moments that matter most.

▲ In the SmartThings zone, visitors can learn how SmartThings can adapt to and enhance their unique lifestyles. With a simple press of a button, all connected home appliances can be controlled with a single smartphone.

Spread the Epic

The Galaxy Experience Space in San Francisco showcased the best and brightest of Galaxy innovations to visitors from all over the world. With interactive experiences across smartphones, gaming, home appliances and sustainability, every floor of the Galaxy Experience Space demonstrated how Samsung is pioneering the future of technology, centered on the user.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there — after the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung is bringing 29 of these interactive Galaxy Experience Spaces to locations such as London, Paris, Singapore and Dubai. No matter where or when you are in the world, everyone can celebrate a new era of mobile innovation powered by Samsung.