Part of Samsung’s commitment to healthcare: Clean Remotes help healthcare facilities provide a cleaner remote control for their patients and staff

Clean Remote

With the healthcare system focused on reducing viruses found on high-touch areas, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is partnering with Tampa-based Clean Remote LLC to offer a cleaner, easier-to-sanitize TV remote control for healthcare facilities. This program provides a free, Clean Remote to every healthcare facility in the United States, when they purchase a commercial-grade Samsung TV. This program is specially designed to support hospitals, assisted living, rehabilitation centers, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

“Samsung is focused on providing healthcare facilities and organizations with technology solutions and tools that allow them to improve their safety protocols,” said Ken Honeycutt, Senior Business Manager for Healthcare Technology, Samsung. “Offering the easy-to-sanitize Clean Remotes, bundled with our Samsung healthcare and hospitality TVs for our partners, is another step we are taking to prioritize the well-being of patients and essential health workers.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that healthcare and hospitality facilities clean and disinfect remote controls daily.  Scientific studies have identified TV remotes as a leading carrier of bacteria, such as MRSA, and VRE.[1]  Television remotes are among the most handled items in a patient or guest room, making them a point of focus for facilities battling against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).  This is especially true for Senior Care, Assisted Living and Rehabilitation facilities that provide long term care for vulnerable individuals.

Clean Remote

“Clean Remotes were developed because standard remotes are nearly impossible to sanitize,” said Clean Remote LLC President Michael Monsky. “Patients spend so much time holding their remotes. They are often in their hands while they eat in their bed and when sleeping. Traditional remote controls have raised buttons that create gaps and crevices which can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. By contrast, we designed Clean Remotes with a sealed, smooth, non-porous surface that is easily cleaned. Our mission is to provide a Cleaner TV Remote solution that is simple for the patient, easy for the staff, and cost-effective for the facility.”

Clean Remotes operate all Samsung Healthcare Grade and Hospitality Grade TVs with no setup required beyond loading the batteries. The remotes feature a simple layout with large, easily visible keys. With more than 14 million Clean Remotes sold, they are a proven solution for any healthcare organization looking for a cleaner option. Clean Remotes are widely used in many of the foremost healthcare and hospitality facilities, hotels, and cruise lines.

“They are very reliable, easy to wipe down, and most importantly easy to program,” said Enrique Lopez, Plants and Operations Manager, Salerno Bay Health and Rehabilitation. “We, in fact, have trained our CNA’s to program them to ease the burden on us.”

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Background information about MRSA and healthcare-associated infections: