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Samsung Defies the Elements in New Ad Campaign ‘Samsung Within’


Samsung Within is brought to life in the middle of Times Square in New York City

Samsung has launched the newest installment of its episodic consumer-focused ad campaign, “Samsung Within,” an ongoing interactive web and mobile experience series depicting Samsung’s legacy as a company: it’s philosophy, the meaning of its name, and its cultural drive for pursuing relentless innovation and how it’s latest smartphone – the Galaxy Note9 – was built based on Samsung’s motto “Do What You Can’t.”

The web campaign takes viewers on a journey through Samsung’s “why,” using stunning interactive design and offering viewers a more immersive experience. But Samsung wasn’t content to consign their story to the web; from November 1, they’ve been promoting the web experience in the most trafficked areas of the world. Towering ads invite the public to see it for themselves in New York City’s Times Square and Samsung 837, the company’s flagship experiential marketing center of excellence in New York’s Meatpacking district. The ads are also expected to run in Russia, Spain and Italy.

Samsung Within on display on a 3-story screen at Samsung 837 in New York City.

Did you know that the first 3G call from the summit of Mount Everest was made on a Samsung Galaxy S2? Or that a Samsung phone was the first commercial phone to assist NASA with the launch of The Atlantis? Clicking through the interactive web experience or watching the display ads in a city square, the “Extreme Conditions” chapter of “Samsung Within” takes viewers to the virtual top of Mt. Everest, depicting the story of how Samsung doesn’t just build technology with the minimum requirements, but always pushes the limits to go above and beyond in quality and durability so its products can perform in almost any situation you might need them in. The “Samsung Within” campaign is a testament to this Samsung philosophy of relentless exploration and innovating to lead when building technology for good.

Experience the first 4 chapters of “Samsung Within” here and stay tuned for more chapters to come.

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