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Samsung Displays Make Self-Service Sizzle at Buona Beef Restaurants

Samsung Kiosks and digital menus showcase Buona Beef’s family values and enable a modern, convenient ordering experience


Samsung Electronics America, an industry leader in the global display market, is elevating the ordering and dining experience at Buona Beef, a family-owned and operated Italian beef restaurant chain based in the Chicago area. Buona Beef restaurant locations now include Samsung Kiosks and LED digital menu boards, offering customers a convenient self-service option for customizing and completing their food orders.

Person making an order through Samsung kiosk at Buona Beef restaurant

Founded in 1981 by husband and wife Joe and Peggy Buonavolanto, Buona Beef is the largest family-owned Italian Beef restaurant group and Italian Beef Producer in the country with 27 restaurant locations. As its business has grown over the last 40 years, Buona Beef has remained committed to providing exemplary service to its customers. When the restaurant industry was hit by widespread labor shortages in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this commitment led Buona Beef to embark on a digital transformation journey to introduce new technologies to enhance customer satisfaction and maintain seamless restaurant operations.

“Samsung is thrilled to join the Buona Beef family in its journey to elevate the dining and ordering experience for its customers with innovative display technologies,” said David Phelps, Head of the Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “While the restaurant and quick-service industry continues to struggle with a reduced workforce, customer expectations have increased. They now expect an efficient, accurate and modern dining experience. Samsung Kiosks installed in Buona Beef’s locations free up employees to focus on ensuring every customer remains delighted and loyal to the Buona Beef family.”

Samsung Display showing a picture of Nashville Chicken at Buona Beef restaurant

When customers order through the Kiosks at Buona Beef, they enjoy the same interactions they would with a cashier, including customizing their orders, purchasing gift cards and entering their information for Buona Beef’s loyalty program. The Kiosk is equipped with a scanner to read the customers’ Buona Beef app and contribute points to their loyalty membership. Buona Beef collaborated with Bite, the digital ordering software specialist to oversee the software operating on the Samsung Kiosks. Due to the ease of ordering with the Samsung Kiosk, Buona Beef estimates the average order takes customers only three minutes.

Interior of Buona Beef restaurant with several customers at tables

The installation of Samsung Kiosks at Buona Beef locations also alleviates employees from needing to manage taking orders and serving. Employees can focus their time on preparing customer orders and ensuring order accuracy, boosting staff engagement and morale. The Kiosks give customers the chance to fully peruse the menu and see all entree, side and drink options at their own pace and not feel rushed, as well as allow them to complete transactions efficiently.

The Kiosk’s sleek design integrates seamlessly with Buona Beef’s restaurant environment and allows for easy installation. The crisp visuals on the Kiosk’s 24-inch screen entice customers with mouthwatering sandwiches and other menu items. Samsung’s LED menu boards allow Buona Beef to highlight its menu and ultimately increase order sizes by promoting special offers. When new items are added to the menu, Buona Beef can remotely update the displays across all locations.

“With this partnership, Samsung Displays empower Buona Beef to meet our customers’ evolving expectations while easing the stress of employees taking and completing orders,” said Mark Kearins, IT Director, Buona Beef. “When customers visit our locations, we want them to feel part of the family for the next 40 years and beyond. Samsung has become a valued partner in Buona Beef’s transformation.”

Continuing its digital transformation journey, Buona Beef is introducing Samsung digital displays to tell the Buonavolanto family’s story and highlight promotions in the drive-thru area of its new dual-branded concept restaurants with Rainbow Cone, a 97-year-old Chicago ice cream brand. Future Buona Beef locations will incorporate a dedicated area for self-service kiosks powered by Samsung. To stay up to date on upcoming Buona Beef openings, please visit

To learn more about Samsung’s role in Buona Beef’s digital transformation journey, read the full case study.

About Buona Beef
Four decades, three generations and several dozen restaurants ago, Joe and Peggy Buonavolanto opened the first Buona restaurant in Berwyn, IL, which specialized in their authentic recipe for Italian beef sandwiches. Today, Buona’s 26 restaurant locations are driven by multiple 3rd generation Buonavolantos and hard-working, dedicated employees who loyally serve Buona customers and surrounding communities. As a result, Buona is the largest family-owned Italian beef restaurant group and Italian beef producer in the country. For more information, visit

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