10.12.20 / Tablets

Samsung Unlocks 90 Frames per Second on Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ for Fortnite Players

Get the latest season of Fortnite on Galaxy tablets and phones available on the Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung Unlocks 90 Frames per Second on Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ for Fortnite Players

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced today that starting October 13, 2020, Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ owners will be able to level up their Fortnite gameplay experience with up to incredibly fast 90 frames per second (fps). This improved frame rate will provide Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ Fortnite players their smoothest mobile gaming performance yet.

To start playing Fortnite at 90 fps, Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ owners simply have to update their Fortnite app or download and install it through the Samsung Galaxy Store*, the only mobile app store in the U.S. where users can download and enjoy the current season of Fortnite.

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With incredible screens, adaptive refresh rates, next-gen processors and long-lasting battery life, the Galaxy Tab S7, Tab S7+ offer top of the line performance that provide unparalleled mobile gaming experiences.

For more information, please visit, https://samsung.com/us/mobile/games/fortnite.

*Available from Samsung Galaxy Store or Galaxy Game Launcher app.
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