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[Infographic] Everyday Changes, Meaningful Impact: The [Green] Print


At Samsung, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from our products, to our operations, to empowering the next generation. The climate crisis is one of the most critical issues of our time, and we are working to reduce the environmental impact of our products so that you can live more sustainable lives with affordable, innovative tech.

As we look towards International E-Waste Day on October 14, we want to ensure that consumers have the tools they need to join us in our efforts. Gen Z[1] has already made it clear that their number one priority is the climate crisis, with as much as 37% expressing that e-waste is a major contributing factor[2]. So what do you say?

Whether you are new to joining the sustainable movement or are interested in learning about more ways to fight climate change, Samsung has got you covered. Now available, our Print for everyday changes can help you make a meaningful impact on the environment. Start today and take action by:

Starting small: Tackle your e-waste. About 43% of Gen-Zers and 27% of Baby Boomers[3] use a junk drawer to store e-waste. Samsung’s global e-waste recycling program and network of partners makes disposing your e-waste easy. We have over 1,700 e-waste recycling drop-off locations in the U.S., which is more than 10 times the combined number of stadiums for every major U.S. professional sports team.

Buying green, saving green. Sustainable shopping doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Samsung offers a wide range of products with eco-conscious features, including over 350 ENERGY STAR certified devices. With ENERGY STAR, you can save about $450 on your household energy bills, while avoiding more than 4,100 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.[4]

Upcycling your device. You might upcycle old clothes, but may be missing out on the best upcycling opportunity in your house – old electronics! Bring life to your old device by repurposing your old Galaxy phone and pairing it with the Smart Things app. From a phone to a baby or pet monitor, your device can transform into useful smart-home and lifestyle gadgets.

Choosing repair. Part of the 24% of consumers[5] that are afraid to lose old photos? Forget digital FOMO and take steps to love it longer with repair. Samsung makes fixing a device easier and more convenient than ever before with at-home, walk-in and mail-in repair options. Or step up your DIY game with our self-repair service including guides, support and genuine parts.

Spreading the word! It’s time to build a future that we’re proud to pass on. Get together with your friends and join us in taking the simple steps to make a big impact on our planet using the Print infographic available for download.

[1] As reported in The Deloitte 2021 Global Millennial and Gen Z Survey report.
[2] According to a recent survey conducted by Samsung, featuring 2,210 consumers aged 18+.
[3] According to a recent survey conducted by Samsung, featuring 2,210 consumers aged 18+.
[4] For more information, visit
[5] According to a recent survey conducted by Samsung, featuring 2,210 consumers aged 18+.

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