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Partners in Sustainability: Mondre Energy


Many of the sustainability challenges that we prioritize at Samsung – whether it be realizing a circular economy or mitigating impacts to climate change – are enhanced through partnerships and collaborative initiatives with credible, knowledgeable, and innovative brands, environmental organizations, and industry groups. Together with these like-minded eco-conscious allies, we are putting our scale, global presence, and pioneering spirit to work on building a more sustainable and equitable future. As part of our “Partners in Sustainability” series, Samsung’s esteemed partners are sharing their views on how tackling environmental challenges requires unparalleled cooperation.

Name:Judith Mondre
Partner:Mondre Energy, Inc.
Years working together:2017 to present
Partnership focus:Energy Supply Renewable Energy
1. What does sustainability mean to Mondre Energy?

In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It’s a simple statement with enormous implications. We need to respect our environment and recognize that we have a responsibility to provide resources and opportunities for present and successive generations. As an energy company, Mondre Energy’s objective is to help clients develop and realize their sustainability goals through renewable energy procurement and carbon reduction investments, including distributed generation, solar and wind energy, battery storage, electrification and energy efficiency upgrades. Our work with Samsung Electronics America and their Integrated Facility Management (IFM) program is a prime example of delivering a suite of strategies to reduce Samsung’s carbon footprint across a diverse portfolio of properties, thereby promoting a cleaner, greener workplace and environment.


2. What are some of the strategic ways that the Philadelphia-based, woman-owned consulting firm is helping brands across industries, government agencies, and non-profit organizations design and implement energy conservation measures?

For almost 25 years, Mondre Energy has developed and implemented solutions that reduce cost, resource consumption, and carbon emissions for private sector clients like Samsung, as well as governments, public utilities, airports, transportation systems, stadiums, universities, schools, convention centers, and housing authorities among others. Our firm is comprised of subject matter experts with engineering, finance, and law degrees, as well as extensive industry, commercial, utility and government experience. Our national and international best practices and industry research keeps us apprised of new technologies and carbon reduction opportunities. Our analysis of clients’ energy use, market dynamics, weather, outages, storage, exports, and national and international events, informs our energy forecasts and procurement strategies, including when to buy, what products to buy, how much should be exposed to the market, which renewable products best matches our client’s needs, and which contractual terms protect our clients.

Mondre’s energy procurements, energy audits, carbon reduction studies, and strategic plans provide detailed analysis of cost and carbon reduction opportunities, energy efficiency, and climate benefits, including cash flow analysis and financing alternatives. Through rigorous analysis and research, communication with clients and tailoring solutions to meet clients’ needs, Mondre Energy has helped clients identify opportunities to save hundreds of millions of dollars while greening their infrastructure and making prudent carbon reduction, resiliency promoting investments.

3. How do you work with companies like Samsung who are “walking the talk” on corporate sustainability and climate action?

Samsung’s Integrated Facility Management program enables the organization to enjoy a wide portfolio of subject matter expertise across the entire workplace lifecycle. Mondre Energy’s work with Samsung is a prime example of this and reflects Samsung’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint through targeted strategies. Since its inception in 2017, Samsung’s IFM program has enabled the organization to be recognized by the EPA twice as Partner of the Year and to also receive the American Energy Engineers Outstanding Corporate Energy Management Program Award. Mondre Energy’s services deliver energy supply and renewable energy procurement strategies that feature market analytics, energy purchasing forecasts, and product strategies that have resulted in significant operational savings, price protection, and has ensured successful alignment with Samsung’s goals to source 100% renewable energy for all US operations, including manufacturing, since 2020.

4. Diving deeper, can you share a little more about what goes into the green power procurement process for all Samsung Electronics America facilities?

Samsung has a diverse portfolio of owned, wholly leased, and shared leased offices and facilities. The leased and shared lease spaces have various lease termination dates. Facilities are located across many utility service territories across the country. The challenge is to devise strategies that address the variation in the composition and location of the portfolio of properties while meeting the sustainability goals of Samsung Electronics America – and Samsung Electronics, more broadly. Opportunities can be physical or virtual for solar, wind, battery storage, and other distributed generation assets. We have extensive experience with Green-e® certified renewable energy and other utility provided green products. We understand the EPA rules for green energy compliance and the renewable energy portfolio standards for jurisdictions where Samsung owns or leases space. Some green energy solutions fit most, some solutions fit some, and some solutions are not contractual or financially viable.

5. Why do you think collaboration is one of the keys to unlocking solutions to the climate crisis?

If our future depends upon decisions made in the present, we must be connected across disciplines, geography, policy, and generations. We must develop and implement effective strategies to meet the challenges of today and provide for the future. We need to actively manage solutions through robust analysis of our baseline and potential opportunities, development of viable strategies, finance of required investments, commitment to the vision, and execution of same. We must encourage dialogue among stakeholders, be willing to innovate, and always encourage flexibility to make adjustments if the data dictates. The beauty of this collaboration across industry groups, interest groups, and policy makers is the opportunity to make the changes that are warranted if we are to achieve any goal, let alone a sustainable future. Mondre Energy’s work with Samsung has been exemplary of what happens when there is a clear vision, leadership in facilitating change, and when collaboration is encouraged.

NOTE: Mondre Energy has also helped Samsung in the transition to renewable energy for Samsung’s Smart LED Signage in Times Square, which revelers will enjoy during New Year’s Eve for the Ball Drop.

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