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Why We Want You to Pay It Forward

High Five Referral Rewards arrives on Samsung Pay

They say it’s always better to give than to receive. That’s what the “pay it forward” movement is all about. You may have heard of how one small act of kindness at a Florida Starbucks a couple years ago inspired a chain of 378 customers to volunteer to pay for the drink of the person behind them in line. Now, we want to do the same for loyal users spreading the word about Samsung Pay.

We believe that anyone who tries Samsung Pay will see the benefits for themselves. That’s why we’re encouraging our users to join us, and help pay it forward.

“High Five Referral Rewards” is our new program that rewards users for encouraging their friends and family to try Samsung Pay. For the rest of the year, they’ll earn $5 in Samsung Rewards, automatically deposited within the Samsung Pay app, every time someone they referred Samsung Pay to makes their first qualifying purchase, for up to 40 referrals. That’s an easy $200 in their pocket, so to speak, just for paying it forward.

The program leverages our new Samsung Rewards card functionality where funds are automatically added to your Samsung Pay account by participating in promotions like this one. The Rewards Card can be used at any merchant that accepts both Visa debit and Samsung Pay.

At Samsung, we’ve made a strategic decision to help build momentum for mobile payments while driving innovation through our products and services. People are discovering how easy and rewarding it is to slim down their wallets and pay with their phones. By the end of this year, nearly one in five smartphone users[1] in the U.S. will use digital wallet systems like Samsung Pay to manage all of their cards in one place, and make simple, secure payments from the palm of their hand.

Word-of-mouth endorsements have already played a big role in bringing users to Samsung Pay. According to a recent AGC survey[2], Samsung Pay users spend more money, experience fewer issues, and are more satisfied than users of other mobile payment systems. And, according to our own customer survey, 85 percent of users who regularly use Samsung Pay would recommend it to friends and family.[3]

Samsung Pay is the simple, safe, and secure payment system that works almost anywhere people can swipe or tap their card, and we’re always working to update the service with new innovative features and programs customers want. With High Five Referral Rewards4, we want to highlight just how easy it is to pay from a Galaxy phone.

And we want to thank the participants for helping us spread the word.

[1] eMarketer: “Mobile Payments Will Triple in the US in 2016” October 26, 2015
[2] Auriemma Consulting Group: “How Samsung Pay is Challenging Apple Pay User Dominance,” July 11 2016
[3] Samsung: “Samsung Pay Drivers & Barriers – Consumer & Market Insights,” July 2016
4 See Terms and Conditions here: http://www.samsung.com/us/samsung-pay/referral/terms-and-conditions/


Nana Murugesan

About the Contributor

Nana Murugesan is VP/GM of Services and New Business at Samsung Electronics America.


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