When it comes to protecting our oceans, everyone has an important part to play. At Samsung, we believe that everyday changes have a meaningful impact on the environment, which is why we are working to incorporate sustainable materials into some of our most epic innovations yet – including the new Galaxy S23 Ultra. In fact, we are scaling up the use of recycled ocean-bound plastics in our products to prevent more than 15 tons of discarded fishing nets from entering the world’s oceans by  the end of 2023.1 This World Water Day, check out the infographic below to see how Samsung is repurposing plastic in our products to protect our oceans.

samsung-commitment-protecting-oceans-world-water-day-2023world-water-day-infographic-update-march-2023samsung-plastics-discarded-fishing-nets-galaxy-devices-world-water-day-2023samsung-innovative-development-partners-world-water-day-2023samsung-ecoconscious-efforts-recognized-world-water-day-2023samsung-solar-cell-remote-bespoke-ai-washer-world-water-day-2023samsung-bespoke-ai-washer-world-water-day-2023samsung-patented-ecobubble-technology-world-water-day-20231 By December 31, 2023. Calculated number based on sales estimate.
* Updated on March 29, 2023: 10% Recycled PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), which is sourced from discarded PET bottles has been used in case front part of Galaxy S23 Ultra.