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Samsung Showcases Innovative Display Solutions That Go Beyond Boundaries at ISE 2024


As ISE 2024 closes its curtains in Barcelona, the event left behind a legacy of innovation and industry milestones. This year, which also marked ISE’s 20th anniversary, saw Europe’s largest display exhibition continue to serve as a vital platform for companies like Samsung Electronics to present their latest innovations in commercial display technology.


▲ ISE 2024 was held at Fira Barcelona Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. Visitors were greeted with Samsung’s outdoor advertising by the entrance.

Samsung featured an expansive exhibition area spanning 1,728m2 — the largest among participants — drawing significant attention from attendees. The booth attracted more than 7,000 visitors on the first day, about twice as many as the previous year. During the event, a total of 23,000 attendees visited the booth, demonstrating the company’s status as a leader in the commercial display market.


▲ View of Samsung’s expansive 1,728m2 booth at ISE 2024. The show floor featured new commercial display products and solutions which garnered significant interest from visitors.

In case you missed it, below are the digital signage products and solutions showcased by Samsung at ISE 2024.


▲ Visitors were captivated by the awe-inspiring immersion of The Wall as a media facade.

Upon entering the booth, visitors were immediately drawn into the media facade, which showcased anamorphic content on The Wall — delivering exceptional image quality and creating immersive 3D-like viewing experiences.


▲ Crowds gathered around the Samsung booth to see the Transparent MICRO LED displayed for the first time in Europe.

As visitors ventured past the entrance, the Transparent MICRO LED — which had made its debut at CES 2024 in Las Vegas last month — continued to captivate the audience with the MICRO LED acting as an overlay to provide additional information and diagrams on top of a live soccer match.

Pioneering the Era of Hyper-Connectivity With SmartThings for Business

▲ Visitors to the SmartThings booth learned about how Samsung is extending its connectivity features for business applications.

At ISE 2024, Samsung introduced an era of hyper-connectivity in the B2B space with SmartThings for Business. A dedicated SmartThings zone, designed to replicate various business settings such as coffee shops, hotels and offices, showcased the vast potential of SmartThings in various verticals.

In retail setups, Samsung demonstrated how SmartThings could transform store operations through personalized automation. SmartThings for Business streamlines tasks with customized settings while ensuring top-notch security through real-time store monitoring and instant alerts.

SmartThings enhances the guest experience in hospitality businesses as well. Using the SmartThings web browser, guests can easily check and control room conditions while also enjoying convenient features like auto check in and check out, all without the need for separate applications.



▲ Samsung unveiled SmartThings for Business, offering versatile applications across diverse business settings including coffee shops, hotels and offices.

Samsung showcased enhanced business applications by incorporating SmartThings for Business into a corporate office space. Users can manage and control various settings according to meeting schedules, while also customizing enterprise dashboards using the SmartThings Enterprise API to further customize their experience.

Extending its influence beyond the realm of consumer tech, SmartThings for Business gained recognition from industry experts as well. At ISE 2024, the solution received two distinguished awards — ‘Best of Show at ISE 2024’ and ‘Top New Technology’ honors for Network Management Solutions — which are acknowledged by Commercial Integrator and CE Pro.

Samsung VXT Takes Over the Stage With Three Awards at ISE 2024

During ISE 2024, Samsung showcased its new cutting-edge content management solution, Samsung VXT (Visual eXperience Transformation). This cloud-native management software simplifies content creation and display management for B2B setups — including in-store promotions, advertisements and more — on one secure platform.

All eyes were on the Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS), which seamlessly integrate with Samsung VXT to offer users access to a wider range of outstanding content and create efficient solutions for diverse business sectors such as retail, hospitality, food and beverage, and corporate real estate.


▲ Visitors explored Samsung’s VXT and its PIRS partner solutions at the booth. The cloud-native CMS earned multiple recognitions at ISE 2024.

After the first official day, Samsung hosted a global launch event for Samsung VXT. Attended by customers, partners and tech media, the event marked the official debut of the new solution.


▲ Executive Vice President Alex Lee introduced the VXT platform at the global launch event with key clients and media in attendance.

Samsung also participated in the Digital Signage Summit during ISE 2024, sharing its vision for the future signage software landscape drawn by Samsung VXT.


▲ Samsung Europe EDO Vice President Simon Jackson attended the Digital Signage Summit, along with various customers and system integrators.

Samsung VXT achieved a remarkable feat at ISE 2024 — earning top honors in multiple categories including ‘Best of Show at ISE in 2024’ in the AV Technology and Installation categories as well as being recognized as ‘Top New Technology’ in the Digital Signage Software category by Commercial Integrator and CE Pro.

Samsung Partners With Cisco To Elevate Hybrid Workspaces With Its 105-Inch 5K Smart Signage Solution

▲ Visitors at the booth looking at the new QPD-5K display used for video conferencing.

Amidst the rise of hybrid work, Samsung unveiled a new smart signage (Model name: QPD-5K), optimized for video conferencing solutions, which will broaden the customer experience even further with more tailored solutions.

In partnership with Cisco, the new 105-inch 5K smart signage delivers a distinctive experience with its 21:9 widescreen ratio, offering an exceptional immersive experience that similarly replicates an in-person meeting room experience.

The 2024 WAD Interactive Display Provides Unlimited Learning Possibilities

Samsung also unveiled a new interactive display (Model name: WAD), designed to provide dynamic and engaging learning experiences. The 2024 model boasts substantial improvements including 8GB RAM and 64GB of memory compared to its predecessors, ensuring stable performance and elevating learning experiences to unprecedented heights.


▲ The 2024 WAD display, with Android 13 OS and Google EDLA certification, offers a seamless learning experience across various devices.

The Google EDLA-certified WAD Interactive Display enhances classroom engagements by seamlessly integrating a suite of Google apps like Google Classroom, Drive and even YouTube. Powered by Android 13 OS, the Interactive Display also enables multi-device connectivity making lessons more engaging and interactive.

From Content Creation to Retail: Customized Solutions for Each Vertical

Samsung showcased its latest display innovations with solutions customized for various sectors. One of the solutions included The Wall for Virtual Production (Model name: IVC Series). This cutting-edge solution utilizes large LED walls with real-time visual effects, streamlining content creation with efficient virtual backgrounds in studio.


▲ Visitors observed live demonstrations of The Wall for Virtual Production.

Samsung also captured the attention of booth visitors by showcasing a potential use case of The Wall in traffic control centers. Attendees witnessed The Wall’s unparalleled image quality as it provided a real-time view of traffic conditions across multiple roadways, allowing operators to precisely monitor everything at a glance.


▲ Visitors at the exhibition hall are observing real-time traffic conditions using The Wall.

In the retail sector, Samsung’s Crystal UHD Signage (Model name: QxC Series) captured the eyes of booth visitors, which also received the Best of ISE 2024 award. Samsung Kiosk, which offers ease of operation with content management, ordering and payment without the need for a separate PC, also received a lot of interest on site.

Notably, The Wall All-in-One was praised for its easy installation process and optimal performance, winning the ‘Best of Show at ISE 2024’ in the Residential System category.


▲ (From left) Attendees were briefed on the Samsung Crystal UHD Signage and Samsung Kiosk. A booth visitor explores The Wall All-in-One, which received the ‘ISE Best of Show’ award.

Samsung Display Solutions Recognized by Experts With Record-Breaking Nine Awards

Samsung has once again proven its leadership and innovation at ISE 2024, garnering widespread acclaim from global audiovisual media and setting a company record for the most awards ever received at the event.

Both SmartThings for Business and Samsung VXT received ‘Best of Show at ISE 2024’ awards in the AV Technology category, while VXT was also recognized in the Installation category. The Wall All-in-One and Crystal UHD Signage were celebrated as the year’s best products in the Residential System and Digital Signage categories, respectively.

Additionally, Commercial Integrator and CE Pro, official media partners of ISE, selected three solutions for the ‘Top New Technology’ awards. Samsung VXT and SmartThings for Business were recognized in the Digital Signage Software and Network Management Solutions categories, while Samsung Signage Setup Assistant was chosen in the Video Wall Software category.

Moreover, AV News Magazine, another official media partner, awarded Smart LED Signage supplied for the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix as the ‘AV Project of the Year.’

At ISE 2024, the commercial display market showcased a notable shift towards solution-oriented approaches, emphasizing the importance of solutions over hardware. Samsung, a leader in the commercial display market, continues to drive innovation through its high-performance displays and comprehensive signage solutions.

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